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Is anyone familiar with the company Banker REO?  We received a call from them, and are trying to find out if they actually have REOs or just BPOs, and if anyone has worked with them in the past.  Thank you!

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I had to pop on here - got the call, they had me sign into the website and they told me I would be able to see the property.  Then they wanted me to pay the $349.  I told them I was nowhere near my wallet and I would call him tomorrow.  Time set.  We hung up, then I pulled up the assignment.  I saw the property address and thought "that sounds familiar...."

Then I realized why.  I received it as a Fannie Mae assignment a few hours prior. 

I am going to call him tomorrow as scheduled.... and I'm going to call his bluff.  "Wait, you want me to pay to manage a property that I'm already managing?"

Not like Fannie Mae is going to pull it from me to give it to BankerREO...  UGH!

wow, there's no shame in their fraud game, is there!  what nerve they have!!!

Everyone's saying the right thing. RUN AS HARD AND FAST AS YOU CAN. I'm currently dealing with this company as we speak. I got scammed, and currently filing a dispute for a fradulant company. Don't give them anything. Please take everyone's advise and RUN.

Total Scam.  I got tricked into doing this a year ago.  They used to go by a different name.  How are these people still allowed to do business?

I have no IDEA!!! They were calling themselves ABS REO previously (Absolute Real Estae Solutions)
based out of Chicago-They called me on Monday. I about bit Brandon's head off, as I even recognized him from when he first called me over a year ago and I signed up with ABS REO.
One BPO, one $50 check and loss of $300, which was guaranteed refunded if they never assigned you a listing.

I filed a complaint with the BBB and also Attorney General in Illinois on this company and now they have just turned around and changed their name!!

Faye, I guess that enough people have not filed complaints with the DA's office & BBB, eh?

SCAM!!!! run

Run, run away as fast as you can.  Or should I say, hang up the phone!!!  You probably can't call them back, because they called me from a VOIP fake phone #. They promised me 7 BPO jobs, but only came through with 1 which was not a legitimate job (they probably found the address from the county property tax web site).  I tried to get my money back immediately, when I recognized it was a fraud, but they blocked the refund.  I had to go to great lengths to submit lots of paperwork to get it reversed.  I also had to prove that I filed a complaint with the District Attorney's office in IL.  What a pain!  Should have known it was too good to be true...  If you search the internet, you will find lots of other similar stories, including a previous business owned by the same owner.  Hope this helps you make your decision.

They had been hounding me to pay for nothing. I kept turning them down politely and bam this is the email I get from them today!! I can't believe those scammers!! I turned THEM down!! Not the other way around! And I NEVER desired to join their "network"!!!


August 22, 2012

Dear Regina Nottingham,

We appreciate your desire to join our agent network. We regret to inform you that we are unable to accept you into our agent network at this time. We are constantly adding services and coverage areas to our network. Should our business needs change in the future, we will contact you. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us regarding your experience and qualifications.

If you feel you have received this email in error, contact us by e-mail at or by phone at (888)-356-9111.

Regina,  I have turned them down repeatedly and even asked them to take me off their list.  So then they send me the same email they sent you. Pathetic.

I have heard that they are a scam company - don't spend the money to get nothing in return.

I got scammed a year ago.

They might try that again with another company.

Carefull they all have Russian accents!

Hope these criminals dont sell our card info.


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