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Is anyone familiar with the company Banker REO?  We received a call from them, and are trying to find out if they actually have REOs or just BPOs, and if anyone has worked with them in the past.  Thank you!

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Banker REO: I received a call from them yesterday. They would pay Agents $75 for a drive-by BPO & $125 for an interior, but I have to first pay them $349.00 to get the lead. I told them, no thanks. Run away from them. It's a SCAM. Watch out!!

THEY ARE A SCAM. Do NOT give them any money.  Repeat: SCAM! Run away! Just google them they have a fraud case pending in over 30 states.  They take your sign up fee and assign a BPO usually on a listed property but they don't pay for the BPO either.





I did a bpo for them as they told me they were getting a house in my town and i would get the listing- they sent me a check for $75 and it bounced- they never paid me and I never got the listing form 10 months ago

Too many companies are asking for money in order for you to have access to business. Its sad that some take advantage of our services by fleecing us. They might throw you a BPO but the $25  you work for won't save the $349 you spent. Avoid companies that want your $. Too bad some of the REO agents paid to be REO agents in the beginning. Now its the easiest game in town for these bogus web sites.


Received the same call to do an an interior bpo for a possible listing but had to pay $349 first.  I asked her what the fee is for; she stated that's because they pay all utilities and we don't.........

I did work for them and never got paid.  They just quit answering emails and then their phone number no longer worked.  It has been almost a year since I last did 2 BPOs.  It is a rip off company.  Run as fast as you can AWAY from them.


They called me my main office is in Lake Worth FL. After the long speech you find out about the set up fee. You do the BPO and IF they get the assignment you get the listing. They state 80% assignment rate that's across the entire country. I check in Florida they have 35 properties that's a needle in a haystack here. Personally I don't think anyone should risk the money.
Bankerreo is scam

I am soooooooo sick of companies trying to bilke me out of money.

They easily find me on-line, then proceed to e-mail and cal me.

I have a LONG list, and, even some of the legit ones...would I EVER pay?

No need!

For instance, I'm not resigning with RESNET, either. The only BPO's I get from them are for free and usually rush orders, and if I get any assignments, they're right before my subscription is set to lapse (funny timing) and on properties that are always marginal at best.

No, we seem to be easy prey to scam artists. Just this week I had one give me the ten minute talk--he wanted $1197 for guaranteed buyers.

Don't waste your money. They will give you 1 BPO and it will take months for them to pay you and then you will get nothing.

The BPO they send you may not even be for a lender, it's just a property so they can say they gave you one.

I did receive several calls from a Sherman Finley with BankerREO, I felt they were the same Schtick callers as AbsoluteREO and I truly do believe that they are a total con artists. DO NOT sign up with the company is my warning to all REALTORS


I got a call from Banker REO and they gave me an address of a foreclosed property,of Bankers Asset Management to be assigned to me, they asked me to pay $349 first. I quickly paid and they assigned a drive-by BPO to me. That was the last time I ever heard from them. Banker's Asset Management is a genuine REO Company, but Banker REO is a scam.


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