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Bank-Directed / Streamlined / Pre-approved Short Sales - How to get in line with designations or otherwise?

In my gossip circles I've heard in the past week.
1) Fannie will dump REOs so they can transition staff to facilitate short sales
2) Another Big 4 bank will concentrate efforts towards short sales in facor of REOs

I've taken courses on short sales through gurus, local affiliates, Five-Star, REOMAC etc. Are there any short sale certifications that you feel carry the most weight or are the most powerful in helping short sale listing agents get the most business?

I've heard of CDPE, NASSP, RealtorSFR, etc...


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Don't know about dumping REOs, I've received 15 new listings with 10 being Fannie Mae within the last 30 days. My contacts are telling me alot more are coming.
Thanks Mark - good to know. Are you pursuing short sales at all?
Besides the many gurus, lenders, CDPE and your Local Board we now have NAR Certification one can visit the link on education at
I wish we had some classes here in Maine or newby. None. I have to wait for them to come online to get the pre requisite classes to get the SFR
Where did you get your certification?
csp?? I just received an email alert the sfr webinars are again available.
I did the SFR course in a day and viewed the webinars. The test is simple (I scored 100% but nothing to brag about) compared to CDPE and RDCPro. The information is very similar as well. I hope all these designations mean something out there, but to the common man and woman outside of real estate, it's about service and giving a helping hand.
I believe that short sales are the wave of the future for the vast majority of agents. Default rates and numbers are way to high. When I was working the federal banking system if your default rate was 1.5 percent the Portfolio Manager was fired, according to most industry reporting groups the rate is at 14%. If they took back all the property that is in Default more than 90 days our markets would collapse.

Short sales are the relief valve that the Government is using and it will not go away for some time. The way I see things "Sale Skills" are back. Get ready to deal with some angry home owners, put your gloves on as your going to get some bloody knuckles as you try and find some listings. With the backs going slow at the system of foreclosure the public is not fast to move out an it they are offered a short sale for more time in thier home, they will take the time.

Putting a few letters behind your name is not going to do any good, sales skills like good scripts with honest answers and doing all you can to frame a "Win WIn" situation is what will capture the market.


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