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Greetings Everyone!


I was contacted by Banker REO to sign up for BPO and REO Assignments, for a $345 annual membership fee.  I didn't find any posts for this company, so I thought we better get this one out there!  I did a WHOIS search for this company's website and it shows that it was created on June 14, 2011, and they are based out of Illinois ... the same state as the infamous Absolute REO!  There website address is:  Does anyone have any experiences that they would like to share with this one?


Thank you!

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Wow!! I can't believe I didnt read all this before I gave them my credit card info. I got the same call from Vince at banker REO and I was so excited about the opportunity so I jumped right into it. I did keep bugging him about my assignment and finally they sent me 2 bpos. I'm still keeping my hopes high in hopes that it might turn around, Im keeping my fingers crossed. When I did the bpos I did find some mistakes on their form and felt a little discouraged that this company may be a scam, thats when I went to the forum and saw all these posts. I am just going to keep on doing this and see what it brings me.

let us know how it worked out please..

Unfortunately! there are plenty of agents that were fooled and taken advantage of by Absolute REO...Fool me once shame on you! fool me twice shame on me!! It's good that we learned from scum bags and can we put a rest to this or get these people to stop taking advantage of us. There's gotta be some sort law against this and someway to gt them to stop. I was busy with one of my asset mgrs when the call came and was not very happy about changing the call and listen to someone Bull shitting. The Banker REO- Rep Tina Duncan freaking calls me back at 10 at night to sign up!!! Are you on crack? lady!

I wanted to share what I just found out about this company on thier own website....

Take a look at their Disclaimer under User Agreement at the bottom of their sign up page... ABSOLUTE REO SOLUTIONS is practically every other word!!!!



They're trying to charge MORE for NOTHING!!!!

Ha--- They removed the link that Jennifer posted  ( ).....They ARE MONITORING US>>>>>

 If you read the full disclaimer at the bottom of their agent sign up page.... your eyes will roll up into your head...Users basically have no rights......They disclaim any info that they offer, as it may be  MAY BE INCORRECT.....( what is that??????)   also, they can shut down or shut u down at will as well as charge u $100 to quit them and oh yeah, you have 72 hrs to get your money back if you change your mind..... I guess they learned how to better screw us this time around....  I stopped reading after the 1st 3 paragraphs......the disclaimer is an obvious rip off......

This site is a joke,,,,,,


That's just plain Highway robbery!


Try this link to get into their signup:


Funny how their website isn't found on Yahoo searches, only on Google...


Oh yeah---- These guys are absreo,,,,,,,This woman called me with two assets avail. to me, on a magic jack line and wont sent me the contract or a temporary pass to their website for me to review.. has been 2 days......In my mind , if you dont have a real office and a REAL phone line...... your not this case.. not even a well enough "faked" office environment........idiots....

Sorry.... I get pretty ticked off..... these guys and guys just like them are always comming after us and we cant really do anything..... I hate them.........any lawyers around here??? Pls, I think we' d all like to get some possible actions suggested...

Hey Guys, please list the phone number they are calling from also so others will be aware.
the phone Number Banker REo is calling me from is 847-454-7899 and the reps name is Tina Duncan

She's called me, too.  Twice.

When I told her to drop me an email so I can my homework, I never received said email. Just a Follow up voicemail asking if I was still interested in joining.

Funny thing is their reps cannot even keep the fees steady...They are all pulling numbers out of their ears.

I just got off the phone with a representative from that company. When he told me I needed to pay him $349 for the year so that I could use THEIR portal, I laughed.He tried to keep me on the phone for about 15 minutes. I kept telling him over and over again that a real good asset manager would hire me in a minute because of my capabilities. I told him I had many buyers that I was working with and had no time to do a BPO just for the sake of earning a few dollars; Rather I told him, I would be glad to perform a bpo as my responsibility in handling one of their assets.


He continued to persist and even sent me an agreement!


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