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Greetings Everyone!


I was contacted by Banker REO to sign up for BPO and REO Assignments, for a $345 annual membership fee.  I didn't find any posts for this company, so I thought we better get this one out there!  I did a WHOIS search for this company's website and it shows that it was created on June 14, 2011, and they are based out of Illinois ... the same state as the infamous Absolute REO!  There website address is:  Does anyone have any experiences that they would like to share with this one?


Thank you!

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Thank you! That's good to hear with all of the sharks swimming around.
I got a call today from them, same story that I read in the information already posted.  I wanted to check them out. I had already had an experience with Absolute REO so I was leary with this one. Got postings.  We need to put an end to these type people.  If I have to pay them to do their work then I figure it is not worth doing. I spend enough trying to keep up with those who don't charge to give me work.  Thanks people you saved me money. If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and quacks like a duck it is probably is a duck.  That is exactly how the phone call sounded and I ducked.

Banker REO have been persistent in trying to recruit me. I fell for the  ABS REO  trap. Don't make the same mistake Twice. This is the # that they use to recruit (847) 380-6445. BEWARE!


I received a call today from Banker REO that they needed an agent in my area, they had several properties

They need to list. I told her no I felt like this was a scam. 


Thanks for the info Ralph!  I fell for the ABSREO last year, thankfully they were still in business when I requested my money back on the anniversary of sign-up!  I got "the call" and mentioned ABSReo and he said they were NOT affiliated!  Well, well, well, the information age prevails!


Just got my call from them.  I thought I was left out.  But, thanks to you folks, it was a pleasure to tell them NO!

It was the same story:  Do you service REOs, what is your experience, etc.  And for only $329 you can get listings and BPOs.  Even that $ amount changes with the salesperson.  This one is $65 exterior and $120 interior.  25-50 tasks per month. (847) 454-7899 "Tina".

You guys are awesome!! Thanks for the info!!!

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it most probably is a duck. :)

Sheila R.

You've got that right Sheila!

Yup.....So far only bad.  Probably be hard to get the "refundable" $345 if no business during 1 year.




Call came from Tomos Romos with Banker REO. Same story with the promise of listings and at the very last moment $345.oo.SCAM

I was called by them and signed up while taking my car through the car wash. Upon getting back to my office I ran a google search and turned up posts that let me to believe I was scammed. I threatened to turn them into my credit card company and they immediately issued a credit. Don't know what I was thinking, but I doubt any reputable asset manager would telemarket agents like this. I suggest if you have paid them to ask for your money back unless you are making money with them!


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