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Greetings Everyone!


I was contacted by Banker REO to sign up for BPO and REO Assignments, for a $345 annual membership fee.  I didn't find any posts for this company, so I thought we better get this one out there!  I did a WHOIS search for this company's website and it shows that it was created on June 14, 2011, and they are based out of Illinois ... the same state as the infamous Absolute REO!  There website address is:  Does anyone have any experiences that they would like to share with this one?


Thank you!

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Joshua , Joshua (Shaking Head) I am glad you didn't do anything dumb like that. Also I hope you have learned from this experience. While we all would like more work, we do have to be very careful to not fall for these type of scams. Also don't expect things to be given to you. You have to go out there and make things happen. If anyone want's to give their money away. Instead all you agents send your money to me and I'll give you ideas on how to generate more business and what not. I may not have all the answers or the best ways at generating business. But I can asure you that you will be getting more out of it then if you gave your money away to these scammers. So mail me at


Thanks everyone for posting.  I just got the call yesterday, and wanted to verify before jumping in.  They got me with Absolute REO, but not this time!  Thanks!!

WARNING!!!  I just got off the phone with Banker REO, he said he was Justin.  They have a great assignment in my area, however, would not give me the address until I signed up for $349.00.  I'm keeping my money.  Sounds exactly like Absolute REO.  I was on the computer when he called and was able to find this.  I am so glad we all keep together!!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!!

Got a call. Supposedly an asset manager. Supposedly going to start with a bpo, then it will lead to listings, and I will get all the listings they have in the area.

I was excited. An asset manager calling ME? How cool was that.

He went right for the credit card. I go "Whoa! You are going right for the money? Let me call you back in a half an hour."

Meanwhile I was already on the internet, typing fast.

"Scam alert. Take your money. Never give you a listing..."

Called him back. "I will not be working with your organization.  Thank you."

"Why not? Because I looked you up on the internet and you are nothing but a scam!!"

It is a scam.  The guy hang up on me when I had insisted for a physical address for their corporate; he had the audacity to call back the next day to give the same routine with different spin on it. He was 'honest' in his reply to my question that the company had only been in business for 2 months. Do Not be be sucker for this.

Yes still at it. I just got a call from "Gary". Same scenario as above. has an asset in my area they need to assign. I was instantly on guard since I was an unfortunate victim of Absolute REO a few years ago when they first started. This forum is the first place I came. I told him I had an important call coming in and I would call him back. He gave me the number listed above.  I think I will call him back and ask if he has ever heard of ABS REO and see what he says. Maybe I will give him a fake card number! Too bad we cannot call the FBI or somebody to call them back.

His spiel was so exactly like ABS REO that I asked a second time what the name of his company was..


Sorry, sucker once not again!

Mine is the exact same scenario.  I even asked if they were affiliated with Absolute and he said, "do not judge us just because we are from the same state as other people who do not do business the way it should be done."  Yada, yada yada.  Not going to get my money.
I was just contacted by Banker REO. I was one who signed up with ABSREO. The pitch sounded the same to me. I even told the guy that I needed to check on some things. Now that I came online here to see if anyone here had heard of them, I am now convinced that this is a SCAM! I am so thankful that we have this group. At least this time I didn't jump right on and waited. Just so you all know...I did get an email after our phone conversation that included the Master Listing Agreement.

This is the guys info that I talked to. Has anyone talked to this guy?

Camron Langford
Account Executive

Good call everyone, I got same call today and had a feeling it was no good. Came to the site here to confirm my suspicion. Thanks as always........

Hello everyone, It's 9:38pm eastern and i just got a call from BANKER REO that they had an reo assignment in my area.

I knew it was a fraud because no asset management company is going to call you so late at night. Thank god i said straight up no without knowing who they were. Did i mention that Absolute Reo already got me.

 today 8/24/11 got a call from BankerREO--Same thing hot listing in 80241 need it quick/and for a Flat fee of $349.00 I would be the only agent on that zip and could add 30 more zips..... $75.00 Exterior/ $125 Interior!  He said they are working with small banks and hoping to have Wells Fargo on board with them soon!

 Yes I also fell for ABSREO, too! Money spent  and not a thing Last year!

Thank you thank you thank you..... all for the help in my decision as he spoke I googled and found this tread!  

Yep, this group is great!  I am glad everyone was on it.  I hope they don't get some rookies conned into it.


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