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Did anyone else get slammed yesterday... I received over 125 bpo requests>>>>>>


I couldnt believe it... anyone else????

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I guess Miami is burning, here in Maryland is kind of slow, just the usual.
No news in Northern California...
I got 2! :) But because they were both broadcast emails, they were both taken before I could even open my email. :(
Yes. I experience that all of the time Steve.
I've had 4 more come in in the last 2 days and again, gone before I could log in. And I was sitting at the PC when it did. I cannot compete with the auto-accepter programs.
well, I normally get 3-5 every it tsunami time?????? will keep u all posted!!!
I got hit with quite a few too, but I only took about 25...
Probably a combination of inventory already acquired thru forclosure that they are ready to trickle out, with a combination of Bpo's requests getting ready for the "Short Sale Tsunamy". were they interior or exterior most of them?. and from what banks or assetmanagement co.
I have done 20 for the week - which is par for the first week of the month but my friend in Chicago got slammed this week!
Thats wild Rose, I don't think i've ever seen that many in one day, business is the same on my side of the state.....matter of fact it's been a little slower this week, but you go girl!! sometimes we get pickles and sometimes watermelon, sounds like you entering the watermelon patch:-)
Was scarry...... I felt like money was dropping from the sky and I didnt have anything to catch it with.....I was ticked off.....Ive never heard of it and I wasnt ready./.. only 2 of us can complete them.....I wish I could key in faster..... maybe the automated bpo macros might be worth it????????

Well, I'll be ready for next month (if it happens..) I hope the bpo's I didnt do arent going to kill my preferred status w/ those companies......??????
Thats a lot of Bpo's...Good Luck!!!


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