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Did anyone else get slammed yesterday... I received over 125 bpo requests>>>>>>


I couldnt believe it... anyone else????

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Last week there were HUGE drops from companies. I turned down more than I could accept. Also, the low fee companies were essentially saying...just tell us how much! As I get busier , I pass on the low fee bpo's as many do. When they get busy, they've alienated agents with their low fees and they have to scramble and play let's make a deal. Chase seemed to be one of the big players with tons of orders.
wow.... seems like somethings happening!!..I received 170 bpos on 3/3... 35 on 3/4 17 on 3/5 and about 10 yesterday..... I now hired 3 more realtors, and am training 4....All the bpos were $50......amazing....

Well at least if it happens again at the end of the month..or beginning of april....... I will be ready .......

Geez---- I wish the reo's would pour out like that.....ololollololololollolo
Wow!!! that is fantastic Rose. If you don't mind, what companies did you get them from?
I've only been getting two or three a week.
It was safeguard, insidevaluations, old republic and lighthouse... and they were ALL $ 50-65-- even old republic........I was so surprized-- will be ready in April..... hired 3 new agents!!! Geez, I need a typing class...lolollolo

warm regards,
Yes, I am in No Cal. I got more than I can handle. I had an agent wanting to learn. It actually slowed me down as I have to redo every one.

If you get that many do you use any specialized software. I have a problem understanding how they can have that many macros as many companies have changed the forms this year.
I dont have any auto responder--- they just came... and now they keep comming at about 15 per day.....I was only able to do about 24 of them.. by myself...... now I'm training 3 more realtors.,, hopefully , they will train 1 -2 more afterwards......if there is a macro that works and can be updated regularly or altered for the different needs ... I think I want to know about it toooooo!
well, hopefully, the new agents will be ready by the by the 1st week of april.....
>>>***also, my previous broker recvd 8 listings last week... seems as though the market is starting to release a few properties. Although, I havent recvd any...YET ( I am hopefull) lololl

Do you use a macro??
Wow! That's great! No just a few.
Same old, same old in Twin Cities of Minnesota. Nothing unusual in numbers here.

I am in Texas and I usually get 2 to 3 per day - last Thursday I got 9!!
yep--- awesome... looks like alot of areas are picking up bpo biz... hopefully they will translate to listings!!!

yep, seems like several banks hit the market at the same time!! who sent out the orders ias? cause that was my asst mgmt company that hit the hardest!! and i hear that lsi and v.v.s. is gearing up for a big slam next week

good luck

Well, that slam was 2 yrs ago...... its been dead pretty much all yr (2012) for me.... if I can manage 6-7 a mo. its something. I've only completed 2 in Dec..... am shocked.....dont know what else to do.... send chocolate?

I should be bald by now....lolol



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