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BIG MEGA HUGE BPO Vendor switches from Gator to Mainstreets Platform? WOW

it seems a large vendor that has been very popular is "gradually dumping the gator system to Mainstreets into the pan to the fire? We will see- 

I am sure all of you know that the gator system was well....less than ideal for bulk lets hope that 

Joey Singh
Business Development 

1 212 801 2390 Office Ext 888
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1 800 931-6122 Fax
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Are they keeping the same forms on BPO Fulfillment?

This is a blatant AD for questionable practices by ATX.  I have no idea why Jesse let's you get away with this?

The mere fact that you advertise for free here and perform services that ONLY THE ASSIGNED AGENT should be performing puts up a lot of RED FLAGS and (I know I'm wasting my key strokes here)  but ETHICS, yes the services ATX and others like ATX are unethical.

I know you will counter with "I'm providing a notice to members"  and that could be true, but if that is the case you could do it all without your slogans, telephone numbers and web site.  Come on, who do you think your kidding? 

Oh, I've also attached the latest notice from Clear Capital that Order Capturing is going to get the agent bounced from future orders with Clear Capital.  They are taking the lead and other vendors are following in their footsteps. And BPO fulfillment is a real NO NO.  That is the total responsibility of the agent who accepted the order. 

Thanks ATX  your doing a bang up job making our industry look credible. PUN intended.

I second that, Ronald. I understand the capitalism behind the BPO capture industry; however, we all suffer when these BPOs come back too high, too low, whatever...

Joey, I never heard of the gator system.  Who is the large vendor?  I stopped doing Main Street BPOs a long time ago.  I do think it was first the form was too difficult for the fee, then a reduction in the fee, but I can't remember.   Please send me the specifics.

You know that I don't care that you use all of your business contact information.  I would just like you to be more specific when you post developments like this.  

Cece Fox

330-328-6007 cell

Providing Real Estate Marketing Services in Summit, Medina, Wayne, Stark, and Portage counties.

Akron Ohio

Twin Oaks Realty, Inc

First off- I am not advertising 

One of you who responded to this post - I have an email from you some time interested in our service- sorry i had to turn you down 

This vendor assigns orders - and don't need to capture anything for anyone 

Cece- I am sorry you have never heard of the gator system- its  system similar to Landsafes or Ocwens- 

You quote "First off- I am not advertising"  OK would soliciting be a better word?  Your services take away money from agents who play by the rules, therefore be aware that I for one inform all my AMC companies and BPO Companies what you really are.  In fact I have a distribution list of over 200 Vendor Managers and I attach all your emails.  I'll advertise for you JOEY.

I'll be right up front with you and others, as far as I am concerned we need to rid you and similar firms like yours out of the industry. Order Capturing is a NO NO but by far completing a BPO for any one who is not willing to do it themselves is a REAL NO NO and just totally UN Ethical.

It would interesting to see what others have to say regarding this matter.  HEY AGENTS feel free to jump in. What do you think about these practices?

Ron - May I please suggest that you start a new discussion to cover this topic?

That said, order capturing is not a "no no" across the board.  I use a service to capture orders from mainly one company and they do not have a problem with it.  

Dear Cece

Thank you for your suggestion. However the replies are relative to the original post in my opinion.

It seems to me you support ATX and thats OK.


Ronald - The topic of the discussion is the vague announcement of an unspecified large vendor changing from one system to another.  It really says nothing to me and no one has commented on it so that I have any real understanding of its meaning in the realm of BPO business.

I think that you have introduced the legitimate but unrelated topic of the ethics of using a service that accesses your MLS login info and completes BPOs for you.

I support Joey's right to identify himself however he wants to.  I do not support his service and do not use his service.  He stopped doing the advertising type of posts a long time ago.

There is another such provider that REALLY IS advertising on here in whatever discussion he wants to and periodically changes his name after he gets banned.  He just started up again this week.

we do not discriminate against auto accept software as long as the order get done. As for the orders this morning in Stockton they all got cancelled. Our client ordered them in error.Thanks 


The above message is what I received when mentioning I see the email broadcasts but the BPOs have already gone off the website to accept.  I think the same thing happens with Old Republic but I don't pay the 10$/mo fee either just for a $30 BPO assigment 50 miles away.

Auto Acceptance is only one part of the equation.  Whey you allow a 3rd party to access your account you are giving total access to a Vendor Site that you and you alone are supposed to use.  What if this 3rd party uses your User Name and Password for any number of questionable reasons outside of the intended purpose?   

as a footnote, most of you use the same Pass Word and User Name.  Gee now a 3rd party could really have a field day!  

The only way his service could take money away from other agents is if his clients have a competitive advantage due to using his service and the valuation companies consciously increase volume sent to his client accounts instead of other agents.  If his company is bad for the industry then that scenario wouldn't occur.


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