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Good morning. Was wondering if anyone could provide a guideline of how to determine how much to +/- adjust comps per square foot on a bpo? Also, as I am not an appraiser, do they expect all the adjustments to be filled out? Most of the bpos I've done in the past didn't ask for much in the way of adjustments, but the last one I had did ask.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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Who trained you? How do you determine how to price your listings if you can not do this adjustment? This is 101 stuff. Have you talked with your managing broker? That should always be your first stop when you have questions. Sorry to be so "straight-forward"...the truth in need to get trained or get out of the business.

Lot of information on this blog, might help you for future.
Mi fiancee is a 20 year appraiser. I am a registered appraiser as well. I read him your reply and he asked if you bumped your head? That makes no sense of all. FYI go to the Appraisal Institute website and search paired sales analysis.
It is up to a 20% difference + or -
I hope this helps.


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