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Has anyone had any dealings with Consolidated Analytics. Are they legit and do they pay ?


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I did 3 for them in December and just received another one yesterday.  I haven't been paid yet, but it's just been a month.  They had a bunch to accept the other night and I only got one of the 6 or so posted because their system couldn't handle the volume, from what I understand.  



Mary, I would like to know too!  Just was contacted by them and they have over 4000  new orders.  I did one for them a long time ago..did get paid but their forms were a real pain..had to scan & upload each MLS page...they no longer do that...cannot have time stamp on photos...but that's all I know...hope someone else responds:)


I have done a few of their orders too, but was advised I do not have to upload the mls pages only the pictures, unless the subject is listed then they want that uploaded. The forms are harder to do for sure, but I wanted to get my foot in the door.

I've done 3 or 4 for them. They usually send them out at a pretty low fee, $35 or $40 for a drive by, $45-50 for an interior. I usually ignore orders and if they can't find anyone else to do them they'll call and I can get them to raise the fee.

I've been paid on every order but on one I agreed to $65 and they paid $40. I emailed them and they sent a check for the other $25 right away. I chalk that up to an honest error that they made right.

I do like them. I'd do more for them if they'd just offer a reasonable fee.

Patrick, try calling your vendor rep.  I did that and they upped my fees:)



I don't do any bpo's for under $75.00.  I just reply with my fee and see what happens.  All of you doing them for $40.00, have at it.  I did 10 last month.  All of the agents accepting them at $40.00 have to do 20 to get pretty much the same fee. Who has more free time and using less gas? Me!   I do great work and my companies know that they will get the order early and with no mistakes. 

I've done several BPOs for them. They pay between $35 and $40 depending on how badly they need to get the BPO completed. They do pay. Which is more than what I can say for many other BPO companies.
Their forms are long and time consuming. I don't know of any auto-fill programs out there that work with Consolidated.

My only complaints with them is that they have a system that can be very frustrating to use. And they don't seem to have any IT people that work to correct the problems. Like recently there were several BPOs available. I would accept the ones I wanted, but their system kept showing the BPOs were still available. It wasn't until a couple of hours later that they were showing in my accepted section. And later in the evening when I wanted to print out my list there was just a blank page for a log in page. I don't know how long that was going on. I tried several times over a couple of hours to try to long in only to see a blank page. It wasn't until in the morning that I could log in and print out my list. The other issue is you have to make sure you save your work several times. I had problems where a BPO was kicked back for missing information that I know I had input. Like their system doesn't like the commas in the GLA or lot size and does not auto-correct, but will do it for dollar amounts. But like I said, their BPO system sucks, is frustrating and it is very time consuming filling in BPO info! Just be careful on how many BPOs you start out with until you know what you can do within a reasonable time and not stuck doing BPOs at 2 am trying to finish within their crazy completion time frame.

But they do pay. I just got a check from them yesterday for BPOs done back in December.


Thanks for feedback.



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