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It seems like there is an epidemic of Servicing Co's and Bpo Co's that are just not paying.

This platform is a good source of information for agents to share their experience with others to avoid

loosing money and time on these companies that wish to  deal in dirty business practices. If you complete an order based on agreed terms & price, there should be NO reason you should not be paid.

The names of a few companies that Pay on time and every month.

1. RRR

2. E Mortgage logic

3. Single Source

4. Specialized- sam

5. Ocwen

The names of some THAT DO NOT PAY !

1. IAS - Integrated Asset Services

2. Broker Price Opinion

3. Trans continental


5. Main Street Valuations AKA Bpo Fulfillment 

6. Valuation Partner's 

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Joey - I think you already shared this somewhere.  Why not just repeat it here?  

Taz, Do NOT do any work for them! They do not pay!. They currently owe me almost $2000 for BPOs and inspections. It's 2 years later and they still haven't paid. You will get the run around from their accounting department and constantly have to explain your story to the new person they hire every couple of weeks. I've even filed a complaint with the Denver BBB. They originally told the BBB that they would start a payment plan to catch up what they owed me but I have yet to receive any checks, they responded to the BBB this last time around with a "we're sorry but we're behind and trying to catch up" line. 

I TOTALLY agree! They are the worst, and will lie flat out and say that they were never Valuation Solution which they most assuredly are! Stay away from them hun, you were Blessed and very smart for checking first. Wish I had...

Ellen, don't give up on being paid.  It took almost a year of, at least, monthly phone calls, emails and invoices, but they finally paid all the money they owed me. I also filed several reports with the Denver BBB. You just have to be persistent. Don't walk away; that's what they are hoping we all will do.

Stay away hun, trust us on this.

Taz.. do not.. I repeat.. do not take any orders from Brokers Price Opinion.  They have been taken to court, check the BBB on this company.

I live in Colorado and I'm out monies too.  

Just type in that name and you will find out a great number of people who have complained about this company. 

Joey Singh.. please give us a contact so we may all collect from this company.  Great idea..  Cindy

Broker Price Opinion   Well let's just say unless they need you to do more work in a certain

area and can't find another gullible realtor, they will pay you, but, then you will have to wait

6 months to a year or two more before they need you again, and they won't send the check 

they owe you for the past work, hoping you are stupid enough to do the current rush work 

that they can assign you now that you will have complete before their check arrives (hold your

breath and do not take any work till you get a check, and then they will promise to pay all future

bpos in a 30 day cycle, send you a signed agreement saying so, and if you believe that one after you

read this, then don't worry about doing any more work for them, unless you plan to file bankruptcy

after they have wore you slam out!   NEVER DO WORK FOR  BROKER PRICE OPINION, THEY


At one time I was contacted by an attorney in Florida that was doing a class action law suit against them.  I applied but never heard back.  That's been a couple years.   I got off their list by telling them to send me all the orders they could and then just did not do them.

See August discussion.

search evaluation zone.

Has anyone heard of or worked with SolutionStar?


I have done BPO's for them for the past year.  They have been easy to work with and so far have paid me timely within 30 days. 


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