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It seems like there is an epidemic of Servicing Co's and Bpo Co's that are just not paying.

This platform is a good source of information for agents to share their experience with others to avoid

loosing money and time on these companies that wish to  deal in dirty business practices. If you complete an order based on agreed terms & price, there should be NO reason you should not be paid.

The names of a few companies that Pay on time and every month.

1. RRR

2. E Mortgage logic

3. Single Source

4. Specialized- sam

5. Ocwen

The names of some THAT DO NOT PAY !

1. IAS - Integrated Asset Services

2. Broker Price Opinion

3. Trans continental


5. Main Street Valuations AKA Bpo Fulfillment 

6. Valuation Partner's 

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Joan in circumstance like that call the Police immediately. Tell them where you are headed and where they can meet you. NEVER try to ride it out alone hun. Desperate people do desperate things. Many are losing their homes, have lost everything of value and are extremely unstable. I am very thankful you are ok, but if such a thing should happen again, call the Police and tell them what is going on, where you are (what road) and meet them at a certain intersection or road up ahead. Never try to out run them... thankfully you weren't hurt. :( So sorry you had to go through such a thing, but we all have similar stories if you have done these long enough. Key point, Call the Police!

Guy, so long as there are agents out there willing to work for peanuts, the BPO companies will treat us like monkeys.

I will not accept any discount BPO orders and I have more job requests than I can handle.We do quality work on time every time and charge accordingly.

I sincerely agree! I am always busy and i NEVER take reduced fees. They pay for the quality, time and gas... I can't afford to do them for free.

Anyone here of valuation vision bpo's? And do they pay?

They pay $35-40 for exterior BPO and $15 for desktop.  For each assignment they assign the drive by to one agent, and then have a secondary agent complete a desktop so they have two opinions.  They do pay within 45 days.  Their forms are very easy because they are set up to populate part of the information via the tax records.

Good because I negotiated $ 55 . only going 4 miles to do it. thks

Has anyone ever worked for REO Brokerage Group (, they contacted me yesterday about doing a bpo for them but I've never heard of them before.

They use to pay within 45 days.  I have BPO's going back to June that I have not received payment for.  They keep saying they are merging and should receive payment within the month, we shall see.

yes they do but are slow

Anyone familiar with Unity Assets.  I just got a call for an exterior BPO but haven't dealt with them in several years.

How bout Mark to Market?  Seems like I did work for them years ago,  but do not remember much about them.  They just sent me three orders out of the clear blue, whcih makes me a little suspicious. That could, just maybe, indicate that someone out there just dumped them.


Green River is sending orders nationwide like mad nationwide! Signup to Realty Pilot if you want them 

Green River Capital is receiving another Order of 5000 Thursday Morning, they are unassigned paying BPOs to the Realty Pilot system this week . If you are a current Realty Pilot user please login or open your Realty Pilot smartphone app to view these available BPOs. 

(Disclaimer- My company does BPO Data Entry Outsourcing and Order Capture- DO NOT CALL me for orders [some have],  I am not affiliated with the above mentioned company- we get information through our own intelligence gathering resources....because it affects my client base and our employees...and I would like to share the information and help everyone prosper- Please, Please for g*sh sake do not send me your information)

Your welcome 

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