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It seems like there is an epidemic of Servicing Co's and Bpo Co's that are just not paying.

This platform is a good source of information for agents to share their experience with others to avoid

loosing money and time on these companies that wish to  deal in dirty business practices. If you complete an order based on agreed terms & price, there should be NO reason you should not be paid.

The names of a few companies that Pay on time and every month.

1. RRR

2. E Mortgage logic

3. Single Source

4. Specialized- sam

5. Ocwen

The names of some THAT DO NOT PAY !

1. IAS - Integrated Asset Services

2. Broker Price Opinion

3. Trans continental


5. Main Street Valuations AKA Bpo Fulfillment 

6. Valuation Partner's 

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Please start a new discussion.  I don't think that this topic is pertinent to this discussion.   Thanks. 

I did 5 BPOs for V2 earlier in the year. I had heard that they had cleaned up their act and were paying on time since being taken over by some other company. Had to send out a Demand for Payment letter to them last Friday.

I'm still waiting on payments from last September and October when I stopped doing them.  I send an email to Erik about every month.  They caught me up through last August earlier this year.

I must say-

I have been getting paid by valuation partners with no problem

bpo fulfillment-they take long to pay-but so far-they pay

I think we should all call for a week and drive them crazy-

so far I have had excellant luck with Protek and Clear Capital, Valuation Vision is a dead beat. Owe me since April 2015! Wonder if the California dept of labor would be interested in them?

Only if they violate labor law. That's for employees, not contractors.  I stopped VV last October. They paid me around January through August 2014.  They owe me for last September and October.  Hope they pay me before they pay you. 

I did two for Unity Asset Management on 12/27/2016 and I still have not gotten paid.  They called me today for another BPO I told them sure, but I need payment for the last two before I will go out.  They said they would call me back today and did not.

sounds like the same people who did not pay me unity

Watch out for Unity BPO --they will not PAY you for your work...Owed me 1 year now for 2 bpos

Has anyone heard of doing BPO's

they are asking for my drivers license info and copy of same............ sounds kinda strange to me

I understand a W-9  R/E license and  E&O insurance but drivers license

Hi Valerie, Yes XOME does pay and pays within 2-3 weeks usually for me. I complete 1-2 orders a week from them. In my area they typically pay $65 for a exterior and sometimes 110 for interior! The form is easy and takes no time to complete! The license is for an insurance purpose. This is an REO company so slightly more requirements. I hope this helped


   I know this reply is quite a while after the original post, but, Xome has been very good for me to work with for the last 1-2 years. I have gotten a lot of work from them and never had a problem with payment.


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