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Well folks-I have not been on this site for a while-but I have to make the posy about BPOFULFILLMENT

they roped me into doing an interior inspection for $20 bucks-saying that its only a 1 page inpection report

I accepted the assignment. Now that I look at it, it is actually 6 pages. they also only pay $35 for a BPO-I told the rep that that was disgusting,and they should be ashamed of themselves.  I am going to call and cancell this inpection. 

folks-doing work for them supports people doing work for below minimum wage-

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I try to get a copy or link to any new form also.  Inspection forms can be real surprises if you don't observe something or fill it put while you are there. 

Curious as to who was the client on that form?  Bpoffmnt has many different forms and clients. And fees. 

I haven't tried to accept any of their assignments in years especially since they restricted the number of assignments I could accept. I'd go to accept several in the same area in order to make them worth doing for their low prices just to be stopped at 2 or there'd only be 1 left.  Then I'd have to cancel the ones I accepted. Ridiculous. 

I did not even look-they claim it is a 1 page form, but turns out to be 6 pages-I hope no one accepts their assignments

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I see these orders coming over on the daily basis. The interior inspections are for Green River Capital and yes $20. I can’t see how agents are accepting them, unless there is something I am missing being in NY it just doesn’t make sense.


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