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They have sent me about 50 orders and emails tonight sending the same orders repeatedly. So I decided to take the one in my neighborhood and maybe another one close to one of my listings.  I had to reset my password since I haven't used the website in a while. I  accept the one then tried to accept the other. Then the system says I've accepted my limit. A limit of one when there are still about 45 orders still there after 4 hours. And the deadline is Sunday. 

Weird business model. 

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What company is it and how much do they pay?

Mainstreet Valuations. $20. They are exterior  inspections. AND the other orders are still there. 

Their bpo's are a pain to do and I don't even bother anymore.

I agree.

Orders are from Mainstreet Valuations. It still gets me that there is never a link to the website to quickly accept an order and you can't save your login info.

At 10 pm, all 45 of the remaining orders just disappeared. I doubt that a single person or several logged on at that moment and accepted the orders. Maybe they simply removed them since I couldn't accept them.  

Their forms are so time consuming.  I get offer after offer from them for 35.00.  I decline and put my required fee and I rarely get them up.  So I just let them go.  Not worth the work when I get 100 or more from other companies.  They must have had a huge client order, I got several orders my self yesterday. 

I agree on the BPO form. It looks like the last time I took a BPO or maybe just changed my password was August. I thought I'd take an inspection mainly to see THAT form again and determine if it's worth doing.

Forms are way to cumbersome. They require more information and downloading of all kinds of info from MLS.  I can't even justify the time to get the photos for the money they pay. If I want to work for less than $10 per hour I'll go get a job at a Starbucks.  There are many other companies willing to pay for our expertise and I'll be happy to work with them.

I don't know how these agents expense so much time and gas to do a BPO that will take me a least 3 hrs to do plus 1/2 to take the pcs for $35 to $50.00. I had done 2 BPOs in 1 week several time and I got burned out.   


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