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Has anyone heard of this company? If so do they pay and how much time does it take to get paid?

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This company will low ball you. They only pay $40 per drive by and 65 for interiors. They is way lower than other companies. We do not need to start accepting lower fees from these companies because they will be the leader for others to follow,.

I have never accepted from them, but I am signed up. I have been trying to get them to go up on their fees, They are just too low, not worth the drive, then 1 1/2 hour on the report.

Aaron, I do not know if they pay because I refuse to do BPO orders at those fees, and you should too. I can give you other companies that pay a lot more, and they pay good, BPO fullfillment should be put out of business so we can continue to make money in this field. 

Doris, do you mind sending a list? I'm just getting going in Chicago as a broker, and trying to get into the BPO arena. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Nice to hear your in Chicago and looking for a list of BPO and REO companies.

I will be glad to help you out with this.

We can register your profile with 100+ BPO and REO companies.

Please visit

If your interested please send me an email to

Looking forward for your email.



Click on REO COMPANIES above.  It's not entirely up to date but it's a good start.  And it's free.

Thank You CECE FOX

Yes I work with them, and is a very nice company and the most important, always pay.....

Robert, they can always pay because they are keeping all of the money and you are doing all of the work. This is a professional job, not a minimum wage job, and therefore should not be paid as such. What part of the country are you in, I know with gas prices what they are here in Georgia, it is not worth taking a BPO drive by for $40 because by the time you drive to and from the BPO, your money is gone especially with the way the counties are designed here in Georgia.

Well, just I can say is I have a good relation with them and I see your point totally from different view. Is your decision to accept or not BPO's orders from this company or any other. Now if you expect to received REO's Listings, well I have no idea about your State.........

I never miss one check from them.....


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