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Has anyone heard of this company? If so do they pay and how much time does it take to get paid?

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Companies have been known to increase their rates around the holidays in order to get them done.  And sometimes on Fridays to get them done over the weekend. 

do they have in california

yes they do this- I just accepted one for $125- Its a few miles but I'm bored- not much happening this week

I'm in a rural area and they will eventually come up on fees if no one will do the work for less. Their forms are more time consuming and will almost always get your order back for some correction. I have gotten where when I submit one I just stay in their site because in minutes will get that email saying they want something changed. Would never do any BPO for $40. They do pay but is usually 60 days out to get your money.

The are not accepting any new applicants at this time that is what one of the office personnel said. They didn't say why! Hope that helps

Wish every agent had our attitude. Some say it's being ungrateful, but I think it's reserving a profession that pays our bills. Some many agents are forced to find jobs because they are unable to live on sales and listings in a down economy. BPO can get you through those hard times. 

Yes. They do pay may be 45 days. Getting paid through Green River is like not getting paid.

No BPO during the holidays, enjoying the break.

I think they work under the Main Street or BPOfulfillment system- they work out a way - about 45-60 days. I refuse to do orders under $50 and sometimes they get up to that amount.

They do pay on time every 45 days, but they Low Ball you.

Exteriors at $35.   Please everyone do not except them at this price.

But there are people that do

yes and I cant believe it- even if its next door to you- that's way low- I kind of cost average but I'm not driving anywhere fro less than $50

Thomas I agree with you.


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