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Has anyone heard of this company? If so do they pay and how much time does it take to get paid?

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Your getting $65 for interiors, I'm was getting $60.

Also if your score falls below 95% you don't get any new work listing for 2 hours after those above 95%.

I stopped doing anything for them. I won't do any for less them $60 for a drive-by.

Plus their form is a real pain in the butt.

Yes I have worked for them they do pay but you also have to pay them.

Down here in Fla they want to pay $17.50 for an inspection and now they dropped from $40 to $35 for a drive-by.

NO WAY!! But there are some out there who will do them and not stick together. So as long as that keeps up the BPO Co will keep screwing us over!!

You got that right. I refuse to do it for less than $50.

you gotta hope that some of these dips with figure out the math, that they are not covering their vehicle cost or getting a professional fee, hopefully anyway.

One of the other things I have analyzed is, because I am in a smaller community about 20 miles outside of  Oklahoma City- I get a lot of offers for orders in small western OK towns. If they will get the money right, I do them, but it looks like to me, as I look at the score reports that some companies do, I find that I am penalized in that these rural areas will have such limited comps, that they don't score as well as a cookie cutter order in a metro area. I think this has lowered my order offers with some companies for metro orders anyway. They still pester me to do the rural ones, cause no one else will take them.

Why should you care what other people take for fees? This argument has been going on for 20 years. You have to let people figure it out for themselves.

I'd say $10,000 worth of $40 BPOs was well worth my effort.

And I would never publish what I'd never take. Asset managers read this stuff. Would you turn down 10 $40 BPOs that are all in the same development 10 miles away? Maybe. But why?

I have to agree with you.  Over the course of the past few years we have used $40 BPOs as another form of income.  In 2013 we did over 3100 BPOs in which most of them were roughly $40. With the proper leverage we had a very lucrative business that stemmed into 2014 and 2015.  This steam of business was great and we gained a lot of business from it on both the REO and traditional side because we found a way to use the potential defaulting borrowers to our advance. I'm hoping the volume of BPOs are just around the corner again!!

Thank you Chris. My volume included a lot of much higher priced BPOs from the same company giving me the $40 ones. They were prices I negotiated and were dependent on distance and the number of orders in the same direction. I would never say never.

Yes I am in the boat with you on this Dorris, I work in rural counties in Tennessee and they try to send these orders out at 35.00 but local agents for the most part have decided not to do them for that so every 40 min to an hour the remaining orders are sent back out at a higher fee and they repeat this until the fee makes sense. I use to email them but now they do not allow us to email them - there system rejects the emails - they are even hard to reach by phone. But when I do reach them I ask would they like fries with that order? And explain to them at that fee I would be better off working fast food and asking if they want fries - sometimes they laugh and then we negotiate for a higher fee. As to bulk orders yes - its a negotiating point - some say for them - I say for me. Because I say hey you have a client that is expecting a lot of orders in a time frame - do you want to roll the dice and risk your business relation with your client or would you like for me to do several orders at  a fee negotiated now. You are not the only bpo company that wants my work nor are bpos my only in come. So I do not need your order as much as you need someone to complete it to satisfy your client or guess what - maybe your client will move it to one of the other companies I do bpos for at a fair fee. And that is what I consider it a fair fee. If its not fair to me then why do it? I will do 45's if there are 3 or more within a 5 mile radius of each other but even then try to negotiate a fee of at least 50.00 each because 50.00 is about my baseline depending on distance and form. But at least once a week for the last 3 months bpo fufillment orders have gotten to 85.00 for exterior to a few over one hundred dollars before someone in my area accepts them. And yes to there QC someone mentioned - they outsource it and I always get the order back for something but normally its something already in the report that they failed to read the notes on before sending it back. So I encourage others here to negotiate a higher fee or hold out until the order is recycled at a higher fee - the more accepted at the lower fee the more companies that we will see trying to pay us less than a fair fee.

Look- you want to burn gas and time for 35- 40- get after it- not me- I need  $50 to justify car usage and time to do - especially for this company since they require more information/more time to work on it. RRR has a much simpler form and they pay $50 in my area regularly- same with Clear Capital.

And if I have to wonder what a asset manager thinks of my opinion, what a long day I would have. I get orders cause I do them, and do them correctly, in the time ask for them. That's what an asset manager wants.

They pay , it takes about 45 days  and then it is on a regular cycle.  They have LOTS of volume, but the price is lower.

For some reason that name rings a bell as not a good company to work for.  Don't go on my thoughts only, research them after reading other comments JUST SAY NO.  You can get 100.00 for a BPO why do one for 40.00


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