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Has anyone heard of this company? If so do they pay and how much time does it take to get paid?

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I have done a few orders for them and I have been paid accordingly within the 45 day period. The form was not too hard to complete either. I know some of the companies I deal with require a lot of ridiculous details that make the form take forever to complete. I talk about this company and many others at my website

I provide a client list of Bpo companies, REO companies, and I provide video training on how to get more business from those BPO companies along with REO listings as well as how to service them.

I've been doing BPOS for BPO fulfillment for years, They do send out orders most of the time for low ball fees but you can decline for a higher fee. Sometimes it takes a few days to get the fee up and they just keep resending for same or move up $5 here in there until they meet your request, but I know in my area not a lot of agents don't work orders for them. Mostly their orders are one of the more time consuming for agents who take longer to complete orders, but the do pay some times 45-60 days. The good part is if you completed a handful of orders for them in a short time they will send you one large check. Its always nice seeing bpo check for $300-1000!

I had done several REO listings with them and they have reduced to 1.75% for the listing agent. Also, they did not reimburse me for quite a few expenses on the properties (electricity, lawn care etc). I will not work with them any more.

Great company that pays on time. Last month they had a huge bulk order and was paying $100 per order every 2 days the fee went up. One of the highest bpo check I have ever received in one check.

The problem is with the Auto-Accept robots the jobs are gone before they even hit the web-page. I've been on the web-page and get an email about a job and never shows up because of them!!

Agree with Kim Basen. They not only reduced the commission but wanted a 30% referral fee on the list side as well.
They are slow to pay. I live in a very rural area and I will NOT accept a drive by for leas than $75.00 for drive by and $125.00 for interiors. Goes up for every 10 miles out I have to go.

I live in a rural area too and my bottom dollar is $125.00. It cut my volume some but it makes it worth my time.

I haven't done any BPOs for them but I have had a couple of listings. They take a 35% referral fee from the listing side. I have been refusing to take them with out a listing agent bonus.

I haven't done any work for them in awhile.
Won't do any either. 
Stay away.
Sadly, there are only a handful of good companies left out there to still do work for.
But some of them are getting questionable as they are taking longer and longer to pay, paying less for orders and reducing the turn around time frame.

I haven't done any work for GRC for more that 2 years and I won't as longs as they keep low balling the fee's.

They aren't going to change any time soon as long as there are agents who think $37.50 is a fair price for their time and talents wear & tear on their car Etc. They think their going to get a listing out of it.. Good Luck with that!! Even if they do GRC will low ball them on that too

I have never done BPO's with this company but I currently have a listing with then. Their pay to the listing agent is horrible  1.625% and they expect and lot and deliver nothing.  When I have a question I never get a reply, either by phone or email. I do however get paid back for the utilities in approx 1 week. I won't take another assignment from them again.

pay good but uses LPS Invoice management to input the invoicing.


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