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So last week I got an interior lock box with no key.  I contacted the company multiple times with no reply.  Then I called the company direct and they explain they are closed on Sat./Sun.  Ok well its noon on Monday and the first message was sent on Friday.  Now the POC has conveniently placed a key in the lock box and they ask how fast I can get it done.  I respond with 24 hours but I'll try to get it in by the end of the day.  5 minutes later I get an email that the order is due in 2 hours and to call the company if I can't make this time.  And its sent by the same rep I just got off the phone with!  I call back and then what do you know, no answer repeatedly.  Screening my calls.  Priceless.

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The company name please.

Mainstreet.  Their rating system is also rigged when they get a large drop your rating will magically notch up a couple points to increase your tier status.  No matter how well you perform the orders your rating will magically sink back down to the lower tier status after the drop.  I caught about 40 orders and had 3 total qcs on their last drop and back down to tier 2 status.  I do get the checks though so overall I have no room to complain that's part of the job.

They are on my Drop List,  They don't pay enough for me to get my care out of the driveway.

Where do you see this tier status rating?

There is no such name as Mainstreet anymore. BPOfulfillment or whatever is on Mainstreet, Salt Lake City.

Write to them the way you post so they get a different perspective.   No big deal there are virtually 100s of these companies they come and go...

True, but BPO Fullfillment is such a terrible brand name, I still consider them Mainstreet. :-)

The email orders still come from Mainstreet. I don't think they know what their company identity is since their 'link' is for 'bpofullfilment'. The link to their website still doesn't work after all of these years.

I NEVER tell them that I can return the BPO the same day unless I already have the work DONE and ready for Data Entry.  Other Companies have pulled the very same situation on me TOO, so I have learned my lesson. 

After all, you never know what is going to pop-up in our business, that MILLION Dollar sale could be the next call you get.

This is why I never do interiors anymore. The last one I accepted was for an REO for a company that I sometimes list for and I had a couple drive by orders in the same area so I accepted. Called the listing broker to ask if it has been rekeyed yet and she said "I don't know, I'm so busy I haven't had time to check. Why don't you check and let me know so I don't have to drive across town?" I did stop by because I had to be in the area anyway and it hadn't been rekeyed. I called her and told her I'm not going by everyday for a $75 BPO and to please call me when it's been rekeyed. I put an note on the order about the access issues but they still called and emailed me everyday to "remind me" of the due date. Finally after three days I called the listing broker and she had still not been to the property to check it so I cancelled. Unfortunately is is the norm and short sale BPOs are worse. The listing broker expects me to inspect on their schedule, follow me through the house trying to get me to use their comps and if they don't get their SS approved they blame the BPO and call crying about it. I just say no to interiors.

They definitely are a gamble if its vacant I consider it a win, appointments are more of a hassle but you usually don't know until you accept the order.  I don't accept many interiors either unless its slow.   Too many variables can and will go wrong.

Can anyone tell me how much more is involved with the interior verses exterior for BPO with BPOFulfillment or Mainstreet? I have completed several exteriors for them, but since I live in a rural area and accept ones out in the boonies I charge according to drive time and mileage. Usually $75 for exteriors. I was offered an interior for $75 and am wondering how much more involved it is besides the interior photos. Thanks!

If its far out I would not recommend Interiors.  Particularly BPOFulfillment I tend to find that about 1 in 3 Interiors have issues, and they are:

1. Wrong Lockbox Combo

2. No key in the lockbox

3. Inaccurate POC Information
4. Uncooperative POC

If you have to visit the property twice due to anything outside of your control, I consider it a loss.


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