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So last week I got an interior lock box with no key.  I contacted the company multiple times with no reply.  Then I called the company direct and they explain they are closed on Sat./Sun.  Ok well its noon on Monday and the first message was sent on Friday.  Now the POC has conveniently placed a key in the lock box and they ask how fast I can get it done.  I respond with 24 hours but I'll try to get it in by the end of the day.  5 minutes later I get an email that the order is due in 2 hours and to call the company if I can't make this time.  And its sent by the same rep I just got off the phone with!  I call back and then what do you know, no answer repeatedly.  Screening my calls.  Priceless.

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Once upon a time, long, long ago, before all this "foreclosure madness"  the BPO's and selling a REO was "hella nice" to include in your RE portfolio.  Now,  after I ask where my check is, they say....You were supposed to Invoice for that.  When I said "Did, and I have a time receipt".  They say, I didn't get it and I don't get a check.  No reply, or response.  All over a $75.  BPO.  Not doing them anymore.  Just not worth it!  Good luck y'all

John - Just one of many reasons why I do not BPs anymore.


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