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Has anyone used the BPO Automation Group or any other software?  If you have I would appreciate it if you would share with the rest of the group.

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we do and have been using it for a year, it does not work perfectly but man it saves a lot of time. It was the best product that we could find. Good people but sometimes slow to respond due to their growing pains as a company. I due believe they have hired more people so they are responding faster than they used to. Carlos with you want any additional info feel free to give me a call.


Anton Stetner
REO & Short Sale Group Leader
Real Estate Solutions Group
Keller Williams Realty
1027 State Ave, Suite 102
Marysville, WA 98270
Direct: 425.923.7010
Fax: 360.653.8610
Hi Anton, would you mind if I gave you a call as well???
Am interested in that macro--- but, Ive heard it dosnt work too well?????
Pls advise?
Regards!! Rose
sure that's fine
I forgot to add that our group does 175 to 250 BPOs per month so we use this software a lot.
Thank you for your feedback. What time would be best to call and what time zone?
our time zone is pacific and anytime after 11. If I don't answer then just leave a message and I will call back.
I am currenlty using BPO Buddy and I am very happy with it. Their support is much improved, their platform also lets you keep database of your orders, autoemail to photographers, I am very pleased with their services.
Jose~how much is bpo buddy
I have been using BPO automation group for about 6 months now. The software works better for some company's than others. It definetely cuts down the imput time on BPO's. Since I purchased the program last year they have changed the pricing structure and set up. If you do alot of BPO's it is a definte must Make sure the macros work for your big company's. I have never been able to make it work or Ocwen. I also purchased the auto acceptor portion and I feel it still needs improvement.
Amber, What companies do you find this program works best with? I have been using something else, but maybe the extra costs is worthwhile.
They have really improved all the company's now. I would say they now have macros for majority of BPO providers. It cuts down my BPO input time by 75%. Once you have it, you can't live with out it.
Do you use it for Equator? I have been signed up with them for almost 3 years and can't get it fast enough! I can be on the site and go to click on it and it is already gone.


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