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HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's up REO family. I have a question. Who has the inside scoop on the BPO software companies? Who is the best? Which ones actually works with serveral of companies and forms? i.e. FNMA, HUD etc?...I need to know asap. Spoke to BPO automator and they are 600.00 bucks! I need this soon cause they are flooding me with BPOs and REOs and I am up to my neck with work. Please please please help a brother out! LOL. Talk to you guys soon!


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I have BPO AUTOMATION auto fill only and I wouldn't want to be without it. It works for dozens of companies and saves me a TON of repetitive typing. I use it for Ocwen, Emort., Safeguard, Nationwide, SLS, SNCS, Proteck, Old Repub., Lps, Farvv and a few others. I dont know about Fannie or Hud.
I just finished 13 today and no way could I do it without automation.
Would the program that you use also work for Landsafe's BPOs?
Thank you!

Yes and it works wonderful!!

Does BPO Automation work on Equator and

Yes it does

I use and it works well for me, I learn to do some of my own scripts and I created my own script for hometracker so I can do the HUD bpo fast.
Lynetta, I dont do any Landsafes but I checked the imacros and it does have Landsafe on it.
All the bpo automation companies use imacros that is the program for autofill, and they change the way you set the scripts and their procedures, but at the end is all the same platform, the difference is in the easiness to use, the customer service and the avility to change or create a script for you, how quick they can do that. Imacros wont complete a bpo 100% for you, you still need to add comments, and make some adjustments, etc. but it would save you time filling in about 70 to 85% of the form, in some cases they can customize for your best client up to 90%. At the end of the day it will cost you about the same, some companies want their money upfront, some want it monthly, but the cost is about the same. I hae tried several of them and I have a blog or forum on this site with reviews of them all.
This is the link to the review of the bpo automation softwares.
What about Cost? You said that they are all the same in the long run right Jose? Cause BPO auto wants 597.00 up front. Do your bpo company have good customer service? And can you use the software key on more than 1 computer?
trackmyforeclosure has great customer service, I think the software key is good for more than one computer but that should be a good question for them to answer, I have it on 3 computers, but I haven't read the licensing docs.
Can you use this on Fannie Forms or with hometelos or ofori? What about or equator?


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