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HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's up REO family. I have a question. Who has the inside scoop on the BPO software companies? Who is the best? Which ones actually works with serveral of companies and forms? i.e. FNMA, HUD etc?...I need to know asap. Spoke to BPO automator and they are 600.00 bucks! I need this soon cause they are flooding me with BPOs and REOs and I am up to my neck with work. Please please please help a brother out! LOL. Talk to you guys soon!


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What was your deciding factor? I am in the process of making the same decision. Please keep us updated on how it is working for you.

i use and love it.  I do about 175 bpo's a month.  This company seems to not be as greedy as some, they have an affordable set up fee (think i paid a $99 set up fee) and a low monthly fee $39.97.  Best yet is i can have it on as many conputers as i want for no extra fee!!  In addition to the keying software their  tracking stuff is great, it has helped me get organized and now i am never late with a bpo or mmr.  I would check it out, i think it is the best bang for your buck!!  Their customer service is outstanding!!  I can get someone on the phone 95% of the time and if they don't answer i send an email and have a response within minutes


Amy Clanton


Are these people still around? I went to their website which states they have merged and are now BPO assistant. They do not advertise their pricing.

how do they interface with your MLS? do you have to give them access to your account? or do you input your generated reports into their system?


 You aren't forced to pay anything, I'm still using the imacros program I purchased from Nichole several years ago, and it still works great, I don't pay a thing.

 The only reason I haven't upgraded to their newest software is because I currently do about a fifth of the BPOs that I used too.

 I've always had great customer service from them and will upgrade if BPOs ever pick up again.


You are one of the few who actually were able to read what Nicole wrote before she pulled it off the site. I still have a copy of it because I did a screen capture. When was the last time you had customer service? Had you paid the $99. or did you pay by event?


 I paid the $99.00 which was good for 1 year of tech support, included with that were some other perks that were useful.

I haven't paid the fee for a few years, so of course I don't expect any support should the imacros quit working.

Kathy is still around it is now a module within, you dont have to subscribe to RIO to have the BPO software.  It is 49.97 a month.  if you need help here is the email address i email for support and always get a quick response, or call them at 877-782-8187.  i know they are up to 102 companies supported with their software and i have always been very happy with their service and support. 



Thanks Amy. I will check it out.


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