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Has anyone used the BPO Automation Group or any other software?  If you have I would appreciate it if you would share with the rest of the group.

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no, I do not use it for Equator.
Amber, how much is it?
Is this similar to Realty Pilot?

DialMantra is the fastest, easiest, and lowest cost solution to developing a world class Contact Center System on hardware or software.We are into call center industry since last 6 years with a strong presence in setting up predictive dialer for call centers across India.

Complete GUI based interface and operation

Predictive Dialing
Answering Machine Detection (upto 90%)
Music On Hold
Voice Recording and retrieval
Three-way Calling
Call Back Scheduler
Complete Software based solution
Call Snooping
Call Barging
Live Monitoring
Agent Quality Management
Web Based Reporting Query Engine
Call History
Simultaneous Inbound/Outbound Calling
Local and Remote Call Agents
Call Detail Records
Call Queuing (Inbound)
Web-based Administration
Multiple campaigns and lead sets
Full Featured A.C.D.
Powerful Reporting
Web Control Panel
Realtime Queue Stats (Inbound)
Call Parking
Conference Bridge
Blind Transfer
Call Forward on No Answer
Multiple VoIP Gateways
Call Hunting
Call Conference
Call Transfer
Voice Mail
Call forwarding
Barge In
Admin Console
Use as Intra office PBX
Use as IP PBX
Use as Multilocation
Compatible with E1
Campaign Selection while Sign in for Multiple Campaigns
Script Integration
Campaign Wise CRM Pop up and scripting
Campaign wise Dispositions
TPV or Third Party Verification
Hold or Unhold Self-Other-Self or Away
Call Scheduling
Agent Call Transfer
Remote Login

Please feel free to contact

Nimit Jain
Business Development
Meridium Technologies PVT LTD

i use and love it.  the company seems to not be as greedy as some, they have an affordable set up fee (think i paid a $99 set up fee) and a low monthly fee $39.97.  Best yet is i can have it on as many conputers as i want for no extra fee!!  In addition to the keying software their  tracking stuff is great, it has helped me get organized and now i am never late with a bpo or mmr.  I would check it out, i think it is the best bang for your buck!!


Amy Clanton


I am just curious - do any of you get any REO listings from doing all those BPO's?  I never did, so I gave up on doing BPO's - especially for Ocwen.  I feel like a prostitute doing all that work for $50!  Now, if they gave us the listing, or A listing, that would be fine.  But, promises, promises, promises!
I use BPO 5000 , they just lowered their rates , I pay monthly now 32.00per month I never paid for a set up fee , they have all the forms, and I had some issues with my computer and they stay with me on the phone until we found what was wrong , Curtis didn't give up , that is what I call customer service.
Yes, but did you get any REO's?

As for listings I don't look at my BPO's for listings, to me it is a revenue source.  I make 6-8,000 a month doing them.


I have however gotten some listings, I use to get ocwen but as of 2 months ago they pulled my 4 listings and one of their employees (who is a realtor out of georgia) joined my board and now has them listed (i think they have done that with the entire state of IL unless it is not one of their mortgaged properties then they are still listing them).


I did a bpo through CoreLogic in November and got a call at the end of November from Citi and was asked to join their network because of the bpo i did on the property they were giving me.


If you are doing BPO's to get listings my opinion is you are wasting your time.  I have been a realtor for 12 years and doing bpo's and reo's for 7, I think in those 7 years I could count on my 10 fingers the listings that came because of a bpo.





If BPOs are your main revenue source.  What is your greatest cost outside of your time?  Do your have a team/staff?


Denise Stovall



No BPO's are not my main source of revenue they are a second source.  I have 20 REO listings as well.


As for cost for bpo's, i have the monthly fee of $39 to TrackMyForeclosures, i do pay FAS $100/year to get BPO's from them but I get about 20 a month so the $100/year is worth it for me.  I think that is about it, most BPO companies don't charge to sign up with them.  If they are charging(like FAS) i ask around to make sure other realtors are getting BPO's from them before paying any fees.


as for a team, i have 1 assistant that works part time she does my REO billings and some of the REO reports.


I have several realtor friends in other markerts then mine that are making $10,000+/month just doing BPO's.


Hope this helps.




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