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I just got about 50 requests from these folks, 35 bucks for drivebys and 50 for interiors-

I urge all not to take them-it's less than minimum wage

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I live just south of Boston MA  in February this year we had a month of nothing but snow every other day at one point the snow was 7' high.   I had accepted some orders from BPO Fulfillment at $45/$50 each depending on location and I called BPO Fulfillment to get a 2 or 3 day extension to complete the orders due to the snow storm and accumulation.   This was their response "Get out and do the BPOs or we will reassign them, the snow is your problem."  So me and the dog stayed warm by the fireplace and watched it snow some more.   Yes they were reassigned.     You gotta love this business!


The 50+ orders they sent me have increased to $55 due on Sunday 5/17 at noon.  These are their 5 day orders so they are going to use 3 of those days to review our work.

I decided to accept 5 Akron Ohio ones.  So I got to number 3 and entered their code, then it said I had reached my limit.  I am not going out for only 2.  So I sent them their support inmail a message to cancel the ones I accepted. Their 'support' email is labeled 'comments' and also says that 'All comments made are viewed by other Agents, Brokers, and Users.'.  What???

And what's with them not even putting their web address on their orders so you can click through?  And why does the email say "orders assigned" as if they are already assigned to you?

They have been spamming these orders for 24 hours.  What a waste of my time for me to review all of these orders that are so far out that I am never even going to consider them.  Is this the company that wants me to pay them to not send me orders for where I am not going to go?


NOT to mention that trying to get a voice on the phone to explain any issues is nearly impossible. 

They just now called me but did not leave a message. They have called me several times over the last month asking me to do inspections or BPOs. This past week, someone even called twice on the same address. First time, I just said it was too far for just an inspection. The second time, she left a message to see if I'd do an inspection for a higher fee. I did call her back and told her the fee would be too high for her to even consider and we even had a nice chat about the weather.  She thanked me for being so nice to have called her back!  I think she called me from a number different than the main phone number.

They also just now acknowledged my cancellations via email which stated: "This order has been reassigned. You will not be compensated for any of the work that you have done and this also may affect your status. Thank you!"

I forgot that I had cancelled for the same reason once before. I have no idea why I have a 2 order limit but I'm not going to call to discuss it. They can let me know when they lift my limit. Otherwise, I will try to remember not to accept any orders even at $55.

Fee is up to $65 on the many orders that are left. Due on the 18th. 

picked up 2 today--I wonder what happened in the last couple of days? very quite for several weeks, now getting orders from everyone-

50 requests are in the cue waiting for you and other agents in your area to accept. They are taken faster than you think.

Asking for a much higher fee does NOT work. They bump up the fee in small increments if there are no takers. Even the most remote places needing 2 hours and 4 wheel-drive are gone at $60 after 7th day.   We have over 100,000 agents or 25,000+ brokers here. Another 20,000 appraisers looking for ways to supplement their income. This is SF Bay area.

Yes, I'm in the Bay Area too. Totally concur with what you have said. Too many agents snatching them up even at $20! 

I stopped doing any BPO's for them awhile back. Their payout is far too low, takes too long to get paid and they allow the usage of auto acceptors.

I haven't done any directly for them, fees are too low, but I've been getting requests from other companies on their system(I think about 6 use the platform). Last week I was getting flooded with orders from Main Street. At first $35 for a drive by, but every hour or two a new email with higher fees. Every time I logged in there were no orders to accept. I figured that someone else took them but then a fee minutes later another email with the same addresses/orders with a $10 bump on the fee. By the end of the day they were up to $85 on some orders but never any available when I logged in. Either someone is using auto accept software and later rejecting or they have an issue with their system. I sent them multiple messages and never heard back.

Also, regardless of the client unless I'm really, really busy even on the low fee orders I'll usually log in and reject due to fee to low. Usually I don't hear anything but once in a while I'll get it for the higher fee.

I have done some BPO's for this company. They were coming in regularly at $40/$45 each for drive-by. Where I live, this is typical because there are sooooo many agents that will snatch them up quickly. Lately, they have been sending them out offering only $20 for both exterior and interior. I laugh because that won't even pay for my gas. However, I see that most of them are still snatched up by agents who I guess are willing to do these even for that pittance. There are a couple that are a distance away and when no one picks those up, I see the BPO being sent out and they up the price a little at a time until someone takes it. One went up to $55.

I had called them to ask how they pay. I was told they have a 90 day pay period. So, what I completed in March will be paid in June. Slow yes, but as long as I get paid, that's fine. We shall see how that goes because I started doing their BPO's in March. 

I see someone's post saying they only do local's for $75 min and others for $125. Wow! If you are getting those prices, I'm happy for you. I have never seen any BPO offer's come thru for that. I'd really like to know which companies pay that price. Please share.


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