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I understand that in the past we had to sign up for some kind of membership in order to LIMIT the zip codes they would send me. I never did. Then the orders disappeared for a while. Now they are at it again. Sending orders that are over an hour away and never part of the area I would ever cover 

Even after i go into the website and refuse the orders with the "not interested " or distance reason, they continue to resend the same orders. 

***** Is there a way to limit the orders without paying them?

I know I've complained about this other thing before, but why don't they include a link in the email?  I now have it as a saved page but I don't get it. And I also don't understand why they don't allow the login to be saved. Drives me crazy. 

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Their entire form drives me crazy!  Got this nice message from them about 10 minutes ago:

This order has been reassigned. You will not be compensated for any of the work that you have done and this also may affect your status. Thank you!

I have an appointment to meet the seller at the property tomorrow...:(

Don't get me started on BPO Fulfillment.  Oh wait, too late, you already did. They do not allow contact by email and they NEVER answer their phone.  I have accepted orders for the weekend and then need some type of information, or sometimes cannot access the property, and POOF !!! the order is automatically reassigned when I am almost finished, but pardon my language, there is not one damned thing I can do because I cannot contact anyone there.

But on a positive note,  I have received bulk orders from them the last 2 or 3 months , at increased fees and I always get my check right on schedule the 3rd week of the month.  And I know how they work, so if I wait a day before accepting orders, they will keep raising the fee offered. 

I have never been asked to pay them a membership fee.   


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