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I am trying to decide if I should apply and hopefully get accepted to go to the Bridge Asset Conference next week.  They still have openings in my area, which surprised me given this late date, so is it worth going?  Anyone attending out there?

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Well Michelle, I hope to see you there. Seems like a great opportunity.
Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the reply! I just sent in my application and haven't heard if I have been approved. I need to get a jump on it because the conference is Wednesday. Can you tell me what time the conference ends on Thursday? I am assuming you received the agenda, so if you can let me know I would greatly appreciate it!

Send me your email address. Mine is
Hi Michelle:

I did a radio interview with both Angelique Norton and Bobby Funk that you can listen to from the BlogTalkRadio Media Player on the Main Page of REOPro.

It's in the top left corner, just choose the show you want to listen to and hit the play button and decide for yourself.
I sent my resume package directlt to Angelique and have not heard a thing...yet.


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