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1st I would like to thank Brillion Asset Solution for including me
as part of their Broker Network.

If you have any experience with this company please share.

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Just received an "exclusive" invitation to their press conference tomorrow- Checked them out on REOPro...hmmmm

Join Brillion Asset Solution's Live Online Press Conference
This Wednesday at 1:00 pm PST
Watch it from your computer or smart phone
Representatives of the Media and the Real Estate Community are invited to take part in Brillion Asset Solution’s new online Forum, BrillionCircle, featuring an exciting announcement regarding a new strategic partner.

Brillion is setting a new standard in the Asset Management Industry.  One of Brillion’s key competitive advantages is our highly qualified and certified Broker Network and we believe in having an open and transparent business relationship with our Brokers.  BrillionCircle will allow you to stay on top of breaking news about Brillion and the default industry.  If you have not yet registered to be a part of the Brillion Network Click Here.

On February 8, 2012, a prominent Los Angeles-based law firm will announce that it has entered into a national agreement with Brillion Asset Solutions, Inc., to provide real estate-related legal services to Brillion’s institutional clients and broker network.
We encourage our Brillion Broker Network to participate in BrillionCircle and learn more about the current announcement LIVE ONLINE at
Brillion will also provide significant updates regarding transactional business, system integrations and 2012 projections. 
All Media representatives interested in being accredited to cover BrillionCircle should email Brillion immediately at:
Please take a moment to register for this ONLINE LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE using the information contained in this invitation.
On the day of the event {1:00pm (PST) on February 8, 2012}, please visit us on our site and click on the “Live Conference” banner on the homepage or click on this link
For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 1.855.274.5546

I think a reputable asset company with asset and in need of agents to handle them will look on several list like redbook, reonetwork, even this site for agents in areas where they need agents, but companies that send mass emails to invite as many agents to their network and charge for it, they are just scams, usually all of us want to work for the AM and Lenders that have assets, I don't see Fannie, Freddy, B of A, Wellsfargo or any other of the companies with assets offering invitations to their network and charging to join. 

It is unfortunately that there are several companies that come to websites like this one to pray on the agents who want to be part  of the REO industry. I know I sound like a cynic, but that is reality my friends. There are many companies that have come to this site to invite all of us to become paying members of their network or to purchase their bad programs, etc. 

Good luck to those joining these companies, I am saving my money, my time and my aggravation.

Excellent point Jose.

Billie if you attend their online conference please
give us feedback.

I'm not suggestion this company is doing this,
their area companies taking advantage of Real Estate

I listened in on the conference this afternoon.  The company seems legit, and I understand their strategy for wanting to train their broker network, I just dont' understand why the training is SO expensive.  It's all online too.  Out of curiosity I registered online to have a Brillion representative call me, they said it would be within a week.  So I'll ask all these questions to a person and see if I can get a feel for them.  Doesn't seem like a big scam like some of these companies... i.e BankersREO but we'll see...

Hello Everyone, any other thoughts on this company?, i too watched the live stream, but the fees just don't make sense to me.. any other comments?


has anyone check to see if they are related to Bridge Asset Services, I remember they were "legit" and great training, etc, but I haven't hear much from the all the folks that signed up with them and paid them a lot to be part of their network.

Unfortunately companies like Absolute change their name to BankersREO, and I am sure there are other out there who have taken money from many agent then close down and change their name, etc.

Good luck.

I juts got an e-mail saying they need agents. If they need agents, why would they ask so much money for each each type membership they have. This is crazy

They need money is the bottom line to fund their company. I agree with Jose and all the hype a couple of years ago on Bridge Asset Networking and their abnormally high monthly and membership fees. Where are they now? Not a peep from anyone. Does Brillion Asset have any existing inventory? Has anyone received any assignments? Inventories are limited all over the country and Brillion Asset needs more agents and other companies are laying off agents. The writing is on the wall here.

I have worked with many banks and asset management companies over the years and only pay for the use of their platforms. I am from Florida and our REO inventory is in the tank. No one is releasing property so this appears to be suspicious to me at the moment that they are mass emailing for agents. Have you heard from anyone about this company? I spokle to head of REO for Bank of America and they are holding off releasing property until after the election. Any input woud be appreciated, Most postings are older on here.

Carolyn Russell

Florida Professional Real Estate, Inc.

Vice President /REO Diretor

Brillion is a scam. I've paid the $65 to do BPO's for them in October. Ive done 8 since then. The said they are on a 30 day pay out. I"ve yet to be paid. I'd not do work with them.


I too have not been paid by them. I refuse to do another BPO. I was promised $100 for a commercial BPO that was turned around quickly. Emily from Brillion will not return my emails or phone messages. Karma!

Hi Armando,

Have you been paid yet?


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