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I’m  extremely disappointed after paying the $65 to do BPO's for Brillion. It looked promising when I started doing BPO’s for them. My first BPO was Oct 26th. I was told that they are on a 30 day rotation. So I thought, ‘no big deal’. After 8 BPO’s for them. I’ve been yet to be paid. I’ve relied on this site to provide me with honest opinions of other servicers and pride myself on doing quality work in a reasonable time with a reasonable price. I feel now it’s my time to post what’s going on to prevent someone else for going through what I have encountered.

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I'd also like to ad what I missed.

12/18/2012 I inquired about payment with the lady that was assigning assets. It was stated to me they are on a 30 day rotation. And they she would bring it to the attention to accounts payable. 11/14/2012 I inquired about payment and never heard from her. 01/14/2013 I sent an email to the lady that assigns work inquiring about payment. I heard nothing. 01/16/2013 9:39Am ( now is 10pm) I still have not heard from any one at Brillion.


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