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Does anyone know if Broker Price Opinion pays. Has anyone received an REO listing from them.

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They absolutely don't pay! Don't do any work for them.

10 out 10 brokers will tell you they don't pay or they will negotiate down to 70% to get you off thier back and give you some stupid story

What I usually said to the employees from these non-paying companies who called for my services was something like this: Does your company pay you regularly without fail? What would you do if they stopped paying you? How does it feel to get rejected over and over again by agents who havent been paid by your company? How does it feel when you get an agent to accept your order knowing that they wont get paid? It got many thinking about the situation. Some quit. At least it stopped the calls.

THEY DO NOT PAY! Stay away from them, they still call me on occasions and I tell the person on the other end of the phone their company doesn't pay for work completed. The person seems surprised, I tell them to google their company and they will see. If they have any integrity they will look for a new job! I am not sure how they stay in business other than collecting from the banks and not paying agents. They owe me money from 6 years ago.

They owe me over 500.00 from 1+ years ago! I've talked to accounts payable. They have lied to me numerous times about how the check was mailed but got lost., the person who is in charge had an emergency. Clue---The recording on the accounts payable voicemail says that they will return your call within 72 hours!!! and they don't!!


Turn them into the BBB and their states attorney general. You will get paid.

Hey Mike,

Do you happen to have the address for BPO? I am definitely going to turn them in. So frustrating!!

We all need to file complaints to there local district attorney. If I get the information will you file a complaint to bring attention to district attorneys office.

I will join you

Let's do it!

I would love to have the info--I had some clown from accounts payable tell me that I needed to wait at least another year. 

I am in


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