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Does anyone know what banks give this company work to send to agents? Shouldn't we be able to go after the banks that are giving them work to assign us? I just filed a complaint with the BBB. I would like to know how to be a part of the class action lawsuit. 

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I know Harris Bank does or at least our local branch in Port Washington WI does this is the link

You can call Whitney Stark, the attorney on this case, at (206) 816-6603. She is in Seattle   There is a high volume of calls on this....I have called, I have proof of all the work they requested from me, along with the pictures of the properties.  Hopefully I can at least get a % of what I am owed.


Thanks, Diana!

I'm calling attorney this afternoon!

More as it develops.

Has anything come from this lawsuit.  Can we still get in on it?


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