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I have several BPO's  unpaid since August of 2015!  I  have left no less than 10 messages for Sarah in accounts payable with not so much as a return phone call. Her message says due to heavy call volume. ( I guess so) I have also tried to reach Mr Poole, her boss and the comptroller for the company with no success.  Beware of these people................... anybody else having success with them or any suggestions. I am really ticked off! They owe me Over $300

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I have also been burn by this company. I am still waiting to be paid since September of 2014

OK here is the latest update --- just to be fair to the company. I have now received checks totaling $720 in the last week and supposedly 1 more is being sent out today (check processing is the 26th of the month). So something worked as now they are only 8 months behind. Constant contact with Sarah seems to be important and follow through always. My account was excessively overdue. So what I finally did was to become a total pest. I acquired an e-mail chain along with my account status from Christine - when she was still there - and sent it to Sarah and all the vendor managers. Any and all communications to and from Sarah are copied to the vendor managers. They need to know what we agents are experiencing in the field and exactly why their efforts are being stymied by their accounting department -- I have made it clear that non-payment has proven to be company policy. So have at it gang as I am not accepting any additional assignments and Sarah has placed my account on hold until it is paid up to date and that is fine by me as I will concentrate on building my other accounts.


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