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Has anyone completed BPOs for this company. It is going on 5 months since I have completed BPOs not paid for.....

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I have not been paid by Brokers Price Opinion for orders I did 2 years ago. They still call and I explain to caller that they owe me money. I get the shocked response and "forwarding to manager".

I had heard all the bad press on Broker Price Opinion, but took a chance that maybe they had cleaned up their act. I had been getting several emails of available orders in my local market. I did 4 BPOs. 60 days went by and I sent them an invoice. At some point some lady from their accounting office called an left a message that they pay 90 days. To date they are now almost 120 days. My next step is to mail them one more letter demanding payment. If they don't make payment within 7 business days, then I will have the firepower to take them to small claims to get the judgement so I can file the liens on the properties and start charging the 10% late payment plus the court costs and filing fees.

If they are like a couple of the other companies I have sued, they don't show up and that $45 BPO now becomes a $100 BPO for them.  

sorry to say-they burn everyone,in fact,if you google them, there is a class action suit against them. 




I say we report them to the BBB asap....Question, is it possible for us to participate in the class action law suit? If so, How? In a class action law suit, is it possible for BPO to have these debts discharged through BK? If so, they will probably continue burning agents under a new LLC name, true?

After 9 years, I believe I am finished swimming in this sea of sharks....No offense to you ethical players out there.....

I have been really strengthened not to take orders from those companies I've read about while monitoring these discussions! Agree, it's like swimming in a sea of sharks because so many were new on the BPO field. And, yes, never pay for a BPO. The companies ordering them get information from realtors working "in the field" who know the business and they are paid 1/4 the worth of the work!

I sent a letter to Colorado AG then used that letter in every correspondence I had with possible connections to
I used the Attorney General Letter and sent it to banks and organizations that might hire these frauds...I just changed the subject line and added the AG letter

Fraudulent Westminster Colorado BPO Company...Are You Using This Company

2014 Lawsuit Attached
Civil Action No. 
KATHY WORNICKI, on behalf of herself and all others similarly situated, 
Continue to do what You are Doing and risk being drawn in. Several more Class Action Lawsuits are about to be filed
I intend to submit your names and contact information to all attorneys

Paul Ulrich <>

Jun 16
to Lauretta
I used the Attorney General Letter and sent it to banks and organizations that might hire these frauds...I just changed the subject line and added the AG letter

Fraudulent Westminster Colorado BPO Company...Are You Using This Company

Paul Ulrich a href="" target="_blank">>

Jun 1
to CustomerCare, TreasuryMgmt and First Valuation....You Should Be Aware Of Their Business Practices
The following has been forwarded to the Colorado Attorney General, Fraud Division. You are responsible for contunuing this fraudulent solicitation scheme and I will continue to pursue yourself as well as others who knowingly deceive real estate agents like myself. You cannot claim ignorance as a Defense
Attention: Marcia Waters, Colorado Attorney Genreal, Real Estate Fraud Division
My name is Paul Ulrich. I am a Senior Citizen on a fixed income. I also have a realtor’s License. I live in Boston and have been solicited by a company in Westminster Colorado. Company goes by 2 names,” and “First Valuation”. The address for both companies is 8700 Turnpike Drive, Westminster CO. 80031. The telephone number is 303-991-9919.

My complaint is against both the companies as well their employees who are soliciting Seniors, like myself as well as other Real Estate Agents to perform work. Work Orders which they have no intention of paying for. The solicitation comes in the form of a call from one of the “Boiler Room” solicitors called “Broker Coordinators” asking if I would conduct a “Broker Price Opinion” on a certain property. This work requires that the person being solicited drive to a certain property to evaluate its condition. It requires taking pictures of the property, personally evaluating the property condition and comparing it to other properties in the area that are similar The process usually takes at least 4 hours to complete and then you submit a report Once the company receives the report and accepts your work, the work order is listed as complete. …. For this you are supposed to be paid a fee (in my case anywhere from $40 to $75 per work order. The company originally told me they would pay in 30 days (they deny telling me that). When I inquired the next time concerning payment, they told me 60-90 days for payment. When payment did not occur in this time frame, they said 90 days. It’s a game they play to push payment out as far as they can so not to pay at all.

I have completed 38 work under my name as well as 7 work orders placed with the real estate office that holds my license. That is a total of 45 completed work orders for which they owe me $2,000+.

The company has over 440+ complaints with the Colorado Better Business Bureau and has an active class action suit  filed in the Denver District Court for exactly what I am filing this complaint…..NON PAYMENT.

Of course like many before me, I didn’t check the company’s BBB file until I got concerned of this SCAM. That’s when it became clear that this was FRAUD…. Fraud conducted by not only the company but also their employees/solicitors who are very aware of this deception and on a daily basis continue to solicit real estate agents and Seniors, like myself, knowing full well the company has no intention of paying for work completed.  As I stated, this complaint is not only being filed against the company and its ownership. This is also being filed against their employees as well. Those who call on behalf of the company to solicit real estate agents to work as independent contractors are well aware of this scam. Employees such as: Sarah Sandoval (Accounts Payable), Broker Coordinators… Jennifer Echavarria, …Alex Gere, ….Brandy May, ….Marissa Rodriguez, …Lisa Gere, ….Cassandra Ulibarri, ….Vicky McCulloch and …Roberta Haugen. These are some of the Broker Coordinators that I have dealt with. They continue recruiting new agents with this deceptive practice.

I would like to be paid in full….IMMEDIATELY.

I am on a fixed income and this payment is critical to  myself and my wife

Their record with 440 complaints with the BBB and the active lawsuit speaks to their lack of integrity and that of their employees

There’s a total of 45 work orders that need to be paid.


I was paid after 2 months of agreesively letting their employees know,,,,,,,sometimes up to 10x per day

great job!

Hey---I started this subject in a thread about 3 weeks ago. I took almost two dozen orders in one day, drove a couple hundred miles total, then became nervous and posted it. After reading all the NO DONT DO ITs from everyone, I finished 10 and didnt bother with the rest. They didnt like it but didnt say much. I forwarded them the thread from this site and asked how they couild blame me. No response, but in one conversation on the phone, a woman said yes yes yes they are paying but its 90 days plus two weeks.  They kept trying to send me orders for several weeks and I turned it all down. Would have been a great chunk of change but if not paid I lost a weeks computer work and a lot of gas. Problem is few agents know about this site. If all did, BPO would probably cease to exist. If they pay me in a couple months than I guess I ended up losing about 30 total from not taking them,. Ahh well. Like playing slot machines I guess.

Calling them and asking doesn't will never be paid if you request.......If you want your money you need to take the time and go on the offense....its no more time consuming than writing up a couple of BPO's a day

I was paid in full within 2 months of the last BPO I did for them

Shall we all make a group effort to email our fellow agents within our area to warn them about BPO and invite them to view this blog? We need to put BPO out of business


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