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Has anyone completed BPOs for this company. It is going on 5 months since I have completed BPOs not paid for.....

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yes-there is a class action suit against them-same issue here

 I got connected with this company because they called me on the phone and asked if I could complete a BPO for them.  I said yes, to a BPO company that I never completed one for before.  AH - this was a red flag!  Yes I have gotten calls from BPO companies asking me if I could do a rush order for them, but it's a company that I've dealt with before.  I completed a few BPOs for them, but they didn't pay me.  After calling the company several times without a clear cut answer as to when I would get a check, I decided to take other actions.  So I had an attorney write them a letter and I filed a complaint with the better business bureau.  I finally go paid a most of my money.

I believe they fool most Realtors.  They probably used your work and claim the job as their work.  I believe that maybe the reason why you do not see a paycheck because the checks probably went to them instead of the Realtors who actually did the job. Or they just do not pay when they received the checks from the lenders/investors requesting the work orders.

I wonder if the lenders/investors/Asset Managers who asked for those work orders have ever figured this out that they are not really working with a honest BPO company that do not pay the Realtors at all.

I would not be surprise that some actually good BPO companies that do pay the Realtors are probably loosing some business because of Broker Price Opinion.  The good companies may go out of business, if the lenders/investors/Asset Managers requesting the work order can not figure this out to help the legitimate BPO companies.

It is too bad we can not have a forum to list the addresses of those work orders with completion date, which Realtors did not get pay on.  That way, the lenders/investors/Asset Managers who asked for the work order can see which companies are not paying the Realtors.  The identification would be the addresses and not the company name because Brokers Price Opinion is able to use a different company name with the lenders/investors/Asset Managers. 

....  This is just my thought on this.

I haven't done any work for them but I would do anymore till you get paid and you have to e-mail and call and demand payment I got stiffed by Evaluation Solutions for about $900 before they filed for bankruptcy most companies pay every 2 weeks or every 30 days

I have been waiting for payments dating back to August 2016.  I am owed $880.00 I tried filing a complaint with BBB but they keep denying my complaint.

Anyone know if there is a class action against this company?

Sorry to say-these people never pay any one-I can't believe they are still in business. we shaould all call them for a week straight.

I called everyday last week, once in the morning and again late afternoon.  Have not received a call back. I don't know what to do now since BBB keeps denying my claim.

Hi there,
Yes I have worked for this company and have quit doing work for them.

It's been almost seven months and I am still waiting I sent over invoices and they tell me wait until Feb 17th. I might as well write this off as a true loss! Wow I can't believe we have companies that still do this I have to report this company to someone who cares!!!

They claim to pay 90 days out, but don't.  Then they try to work out a payment option but do not follow through with their agreements.  Just wondering if there is a class action against this company that we may become a part of.  Any ideas?

Another there any way to get word out to the lenders who use these companies? I am sure that legit lenders wouldn't order work from them if they knew what was going on.

I too was wondering if there was any current class actions against them.


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