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Out of nowhere I got a ridiculous $35 driveby order from them and I signed up with them over a year ago. I have since changed brokers and moved and was wondering if they pay the small change they are offering?  I don't work for those that don't pay anymore and I will work for the $35 if is takes an hour od my time but only if they pay. Anyone?

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oh it's

I did a couple of orders for them. It took a little longer than usual to get my check. They also wanted the order back in 24 hours. Havent done any work for them in months. If you can wait a few months for pay I guess its ok. If you want your money in less than 60 days I wouldn't complete any.

They do NOT pay!!

It's was tough to get them to pay me. I got their CEO involved and they eventually paid me. I havent received any order from the for a year already. I think I had to renew my memebership.

Got a call from them today to do a BPO and have never signed up with them. I have no idea where they got my cell #.

I am still waiting for my payments!

No pay.......:(

I was solicited by these guys to do a drive-by. One quick 60 second check to see what my buddies at REO Pro were saying and I knew the answer. Thanks all & thanks Jesse.

Does anyone have the address for Terrible company that does not pay. They owe me for 17 bpo's

just google them


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