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I had completed 6 orders with this company back in 2012, and still haven't been paid. It's coming up on 2 years now! Every time I have called, I leave a message, they call me back, and tell me that they are processing the payment. Anyone else run into this problem?

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2 - 3 months ago

seems that they are still at it!

They are still at it because they have a license to produce money to the tune of 100;s of 1000;s of dollars

If everyone sent 10 emails a day to the broker coordinators that solicited them and simply put..."Thieves....send me the money you owe me" you would jam up their emails and they would have problems accomplishing their scam

there's 1000's of agents that have been screwed by this company

Emails directed at their employees're talking about thousands of emails a day....saying pay up...I know it works because after 2 weeks of 100's of emails by myself...they paid

can you imagine 100's of agents sending 10 emails per day

I would just as soon call-do you have any email address for them?


You can call till you're blue in the face.....they wil not respond unless you are aggressive....they can avoid a phone call....emails get through

I remember 10 or 12 years ago a company in Westminister that I did some BPO's for maybe 5 or 6.  Then I got a letter from the court saying they were filing bankruptcy, never got paid and they started up again under the name of BPO something.  I believe this may be the same company.  Beware of BPO companies in Colorado and California.  I had to threaten a company in California years ago to get paid.

I'm glad you got paid, Paul!

But gawd what an effort you had to expend!!


Here is the link to the Attorney General in Colorado  ...  Use "Private Business" or "Other" link.

You probably need to screen shots the complaints from other Realtors as proof.  They need more than one proof in order to do anything, otherwise your complaint will be at the bottom of the pile.

Everyone who did not get a check should do this.  Don't forget to mention how long it takes per order or give a good description what does this work involves.  ...  I wonder if it is okay to mention the fact that by not paying you, the IRS and states are not getting their fair share of the income tax from you and other Realtors nationwide.

I think they hope you will just go away, so you have to be very persistent.  In additional to continuous phone calls & emails, you need to file a report with the BBB.  You may have to file more than one report with the BBB, since once responds to your complaint, they want to close out your complaint, regardless of whether or not you are satisfied.  Sarah Sandoval is who I have been dealing with at If I get her voicemail, I call back and ask for Mr Coates, for some reason Sarah seems to answer her phone then. So far, I've been paid a large portion of what they owed, but only in monthly installments. I do have to call every month and ask when I'll be receiving my check, though. I'll be very happy when they have paid me all they owe, so I can be rid of them for good!  Good luck to you & don't back down until you have been paid every penny they owe you!

I did, in the past, gave a date for payment in full, received, I do no more for them.

LW Holton

I contacted their BBB and managed to get half what they owed me. You may want to try that.

I unknowingly joined Paul's "Monday Strike" against this company today when I was responding to an unsolicited order they sent me 3 days ago for a exterior at $65.

My antennae went up right away because the rate was higher than normal and the address was not in a high crime area (which I specialize in).

They had assigned me an access name and pw and THEN wanted me to fill out a user page, so I decided to check them out online, and that's when I found out that there are over 250 agents looking for money from as far back as two years.

So when Vicky M called to check on the order status, I informed her that, due to her company's established practice of not paying for Realtor services rendered, I would not be performing this, or any other valuation for her company until they have remedied their non-payment practices.

Vicky offered to send a "30 day payment agreement", which I refused. Then she asked what it would take for me to complete the valuation? I told her I would extend services on my terms, which would be payment in advance to my Paypal account, and I would be responsible for imbursing my brokerage for their portion of the fee. "We can't do that", she said.

"Then you can't work with me", I said, and done. 


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