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I had completed 6 orders with this company back in 2012, and still haven't been paid. It's coming up on 2 years now! Every time I have called, I leave a message, they call me back, and tell me that they are processing the payment. Anyone else run into this problem?

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I just called VICKIE-I suggest we all call her today


Erica, as I have had to do with 5 other wonderful BPO companies, I am in the process of suing Broker Price Opinion in small claims. As with the other companies, I placed liens on the properties once I go the default judgement. Of the 5, 3 have already paid and 2 still have not. But that is OK as they are racking up 10% compounded monthly interest for as long as it takes them or whoever owns the properties to pay me.  
With the original cost of the BPO plus court costs, lien filing fees and interest, it will become an expensive BPO for some of these companies. 

I did 6 for them this year and have never been paid.  Quit accepting orders.  Writing off as bad debt.


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