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Staring in October of 2012, I did 20 property inspection reports for Broker Price Inc.

(Walt Coats is CEO). I have not been paid a cent yet, despite several requests. The accounting department does not return my call. Has anyone here had good or bad experience with them?


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I to have not been paid for BPO & other items done last July. They have sent several emails that I will get a ck by x date. No ck and no response to VM

Secured Lending went out of business. what a shame. good company.

I am getting there I am about ready to can BPOs, the companies have such nasty people. I am so sick of it, weekend due dates. emailing me at all hours of the night. it gets old.

hello all try this person ( if a controller cant answer a question about a payment due then they have other bigger....) for payment looks like they might have been "taken over" or bought out 

Email me on linked In to get a direct number- I will not post on a public board my brokers still have to work with them 

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Thanks, Ed T

Woo HOO! Just got a check from Broker Price Opinion for payment in full! Work was done up to 8 months ago,

I really thought I wouldn't get paid but I did. Better late than never.

I have not been paid by BrokerPriceOpinion. They owe me from last October, do not return voice messages but still try to get me to do reports


You are welcome to call me directly - about - I don't want to be libelous - They will pay you as long as you make them sign a 30 day promise to pay letter - trust me your assigner will know what it is- Sadly i might add...its basically a promissory note- you literally have to get a document signed from(VP of Operations ...Bran*** McG****)  that they will agree to pay you on your NEGOTIATED fee in 30 decide from there..Also another technique I advise to my broker a last resort- is you tell them them that the employee (who you are dealing with) will also be named in the collection since they initiated the see how fast you get paid..that employees will hound the heck out of the boss to not get sued themselves...realize thats a last resort..

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Some of these companies LOVE LOVE LOVE NOT paying their Brokers for BPOS

Broker price opinion doesn't pay and will try to get you to take a 20 month settlement for your payment at a discount price. I did that to get my money and they promised to pay in 30 days and it has been 6 months with still trying to get paid the balance of just 400.00.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Brokers Price Opinion. They DO NOT PAY.  I was contacted by Broker price Opinion in August 2013. They said they had 4 rush commercial BPO's. I explained that our local MLS is not a good source for comps and I would have to pay LoopNet for sold & available comps. We agreed on a price with a 30 day payment. I completed the BPO's on time. 35 days later I called and called and called. Each time I called I was pushed off to a voicemail in the accounting department. My emails went unreturned. Finally I spoke with some one who told me they are paying 60 days after completion (Not what we agreed on).  60 days went by and still no payment. Called & called again, same BS they put you through to accounting where I leave a voicemail which NEVER gets returned. Mailed a past due invoice, called 10 more times, sent 10 more emails  ... and received an email that said they pay 90 days after completion. I have still NOT been paid. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with 

I have no personal experience with this company, but I am on the NABPOP message board and there has always been a general feeling that this company has a bad reputation for not paying for work.


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