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Staring in October of 2012, I did 20 property inspection reports for Broker Price Inc.

(Walt Coats is CEO). I have not been paid a cent yet, despite several requests. The accounting department does not return my call. Has anyone here had good or bad experience with them?


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I am owed for one from December last year and one since February this year, have been promised and promised, gave 11/15/13 as deadline. I guess I am lucky putting on the brakes and have not accepted any more.  Will advise if I get paid.

Lelia  Holton

Took me over a year to get paid... check on the site regarding comments about the company. They do not pay

I had to threaten them with a lawsuit as well as was contacting the everyday for over 6 months.

Run, Run, Run

See the other discussion here. Looks like complaints to their local BBB gets some better responses and payments from the company. Just make sure to classify the complaint as a payment problem. Most of the 300 some complaints are under service but they are all about payments. There are a lot in October that are "resolved" but I doubt it. Looks like partial payments received and future payments are just "scheduled".

Do not work for them. They do not pay. Please remember, before you start to work with a company, look them up on this site and see the reviews for that company. There are several that do not pay, and are scams.

I was recently contacted clear out of the blue by phone to complete two bpo orders for  After reviewing the negative commentary (slow or no pay at all!) I declined to accept the orders. Now every other day they email me stating that orders are available.  Am I correct to assume that they are still a company to avoid?

I really do not know how they ae still in business legally or otherwise. In the past years I have made numerous complaints to the SBA and have tried to get paid for past due BPO assignments but they owe me money which I will never see.  It is too bad that the clients they have don't realize this and the businees BrokerPriceOpinion is getting does not go to another company

Thank you James for your response.  I will avoid them and warn others in my area the same. Unless they change their tune they will be out of business.


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