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Just took 20 orders today. Have not delt with them for several years. Are they paying I dont want to drive 100 miles for squat

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Always look up the company. You will find complaints at the BBB. You will see the complaints and the "resolutions". The company states they are putting the agent on a payment plan but the agents do not consider the situation resolved.

I just spoke with someone there. They said they are on a 90 day plan. Once the finsihed date is 90 days---THEN the schedule for payment which can be several more weeks. Now Im really gunshy about doing all these BPOs and either not being paid or having to wait for more than 3 months for payment---wow this is hard---can use twenty fees. 800 bucks.

Be prepared to not get paid for awhile. I was told the same thing from some lady there when I sent an invoice for payment after 60 days of waiting. I will wait until 120 days and then file the small claims action to get the judgement so I can place liens on the properties. Not sure how it is with other States, but in California it is the best way to got to get paid, per a lawyer friend. A $40 BPO quickly becomes a $100 BPO. I have successfully sued 5 BPO companies in small claims and have since been paid by them.   

Thats it. Im not going to drive the 110 miles and take my entire holiday weekend to do 20 BPOs and not get paid. Sheesh---thought God was smiling on me when I was able to grab 20...I guess no one else was dumb enough to take them

Dont do it. They filed for Chapter 13 BK a few months ago. all agents who had outstanding invoices got sent a letter from their lawyer saying after all debts were paid they would then divide whats left and pay out the agents. Read the BBB reports, that says it all

Ryan - Corporations cant file Chap. 13, only 7 and 11. Chapter 11 allows to remain I business with a plan to pay all creditors. Everone gets paid in full or an agreed amount and only THEN do unsecured creditors get the crumbs if any are left, usually are not.

If you were not notified of the BK, you can go ahead a sue them. But you will still be an unsecured credito. Forget it and accept BPOs Only from well known companies. These new companies are fly-by-nighters.

Quit grasping at straws and tryng to put smoke in a box. Do your real estate business.

This was not a new company.

Sorry i typed 13 instead of 11 but you all know what i meant. This is NOT a new company. They have been around for a long time, FYI

"Quit grasping at straws and tryng to put smoke in a box. Do your real estate business."...WTF did that mean???

Quit grasping at straws and tryng to put smoke in a box.

means the same thing as trying to get your invoices paid by the crooks who owe you.

cant be done.

You can still do business while filing Chapter 13. The previous debts will be worked out. any future debts will be paid in full.

Companies do this all the time all over. GM did it, Coca Cola did it, Hostess did it a few times......

I just choose not work with companies who treat us like crap and who cant pay their $40 BPO bill when they in fact get $150 from the bank.( I was accidently sent their contract with one of their clients that showed they would be paid $150 and could offer us brokers anything they felt fair)

I also think the BPO companies should have to disclose what they are making on orders and what they are paying we can see how bad we are getting screwed!

Go for it Abe!!!!!!! It is about time some of these companies and their CEO's are made accountable for their actions.


Can you recommend any companies?  


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