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Just took 20 orders today. Have not delt with them for several years. Are they paying I dont want to drive 100 miles for squat

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They owe me around $1200 and paid me about $250 of it a few months ago and now will not return my e-mails or calls. Do not work with them. I filed a compliant with BBB. Im just taking it as a loss now. Waste of time. 

Jamie, don't leave messages.  Insist on speaking with someone.  I have found that if I ask for Mr Coates or Mr Poole, they find someone to speak to me. I think they are counting on agents getting frustrated and giving up. The employees there are getting paid as agreed, so the agents who have done work for them should be paid, too.

RUN.....DON'T WALK. I posted a blog about and their sister company "first valuation". It was onlly posted a few days ago. They have owed me for 45 work orders that have been completed. I have just been paid for 10 orders completed in February but that was only because I went on the offensive and emailed every organization they belonged to. Attorney General, BBB, Every business in the city of Westminster that had anything to do with them. I cc'd every broker coordinator that I dealt with with every email I sent out..................................The reason they have given you so many to work is because they have screwed evryone and can't get agents to work for them.

Don't Do It....They will all lie to you from Sarah in accounting to Jennifer, Amy, Alex, Vicky, Lisa, Maria, Brandy (who happens to be the owner daughter), Cassandra you can see I got up close and personal. Don't bother calling them....they will give you some lame excuse......go after them where it will make an impact....their reputation....or lack their of

Stay away as far as you can

Don't do any of their bpos. You will never be paid. I have yet to be paid for any bpos I did for them and quit doing them since 2001. 

DON'T DO THEM . They don't pay 

Marvin, to wait 90 days to get paid on BPOs is an awfully long time . . . who's to say they will be in business the next 90 days.  I do BPOs for BofA and they pay the next day!!  Also, Goodman Dean pay every 5-7 days!!  You may want to give them a call!!  Good Luck!!

how do you get in touch with BofA?

Here you go!!

Please give the Broker Management Team a call or send them an email . . . where are you located?


Broker Management Team Landsafe Appraisal Services, Inc., a licensed appraisal management company

Business address: 7105 Corporate Drive, Mail Stop: TX2-982-04-01, Plano, TX 75024 Office: 888.626.8454

Fax: 888.898.1545 Email:

I'm in the phoenix area

Oh, ok, Good Luck with them . . . they pay the next day, auto pay!!


Well, of the original batch I took (Now I know why I got so 'lucky'--no one else was taking the orders) I drove and photo'd all of them, then finished part of them but the properties were very strange and hard to comp--I cant imagine the underwriting guidelines used by whoever the lender was---They started requesting changes that made no sense to me. It took so long to try and comply that they ended up taking away 5 or 6 that I had driven to but hadnt started on. I was making comp changes that were being challenged, then at the end they told me that the final value didnt even matter!!!! That the lender just wanted close proximity, even if the comp values were greatly different. I had been trying to provide like kind comps in a dead area thats had almost activity the last year, but found great comps within a 4 mile radius in ares so similar that they didnt need adjustment. I was told the lender just wanted to see what was going on within one mile of the subject and they would make their opinion of value. Jesus. So I complied with one and have 3 more to go but frankly have no good feeling about being paid on any of the ones I did, already having lost gas and time on 5 or so. I sent them an email saying I wouldnt work any more unless they sent me an immediate check for what I finished or could show guarantee but it wasnt answered. I do have to say that the employees have been very nice.

They are very nice until you bring up the fact that they are in bankruptcy and that there is a class action law suit against them. 


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