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Why do we have to pay for this? There are thousands of comments on this site, that say you should never pay upfront for services like this. Because most that charge upfront for these types of services are scams. Seems like we would be going against our better judgment here. If this is an honest opportunity with mutual benefits, then why the upfront fee?

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Directories generally cost money to maintain. As do websites.

Did anyone make use of that buyer direct program? I get quite a few REO listings and I wouldn't mind sending it over to them, but I am a little concerned about paying them $30 a month for 12 months and possibly not getting a single buyer.

The agreement says $29.95 per year and a 25% referral fee to Liberty House Realty LLC, Jesse's company.

You are referring the property. They are matching the property to various buyers in their stable.

Hi James,

For years, well...since I started REOPro, it's been free. Members can come on, write blogs, write forums, get replies, share videos, start groups, advertise / market their events and receive replies from other professionals all over the country...for free. This part of REOPro hasn't changed and I will do everything I can to make sure that's the case. Now, as for Buyer Direct, that's a different story. Buyer Direct is an online market place where you supply the property and we match that with our pool of institutional buyers and sadly, setting this up has cost me, personally and that $29.95 annual me, seemed extremely reasonable. Now, don't forget, we do have a 25% referral fee, paid upon successful closing. If we can't find a buyer for you, then you pay nothing but the annual membership fee. Truth be told, I see that annual membership fee a lot like a membership fee to any investor club you may join locally, in your area. Actually, to join our local Nashville REI club, you would pay more than $29.95 a year but, that's neither here nor there. Essentially members to Buyer Direct is an exclusive club where we match your properties with our institutional buyers and to be part of that club, you got to pay a membership fee. Trust me, that $29.95 is barely paying the bills right now and our goal is to get you to sucessful closing because it's that referral fee that will make us successful. A 2nd point I would like to make is, after your time here on REOPro, I would hope that our reputation in the market is better than most...hell, I like to think we tend to be the standard in the sense when people need to know about potential scams and such, they come here. So, if the reasonable membership fee and our reputations isn't enough to make you sign up, it's all good, I understand, no hard feelings here. You are still a valuable member of REOPro and you still have use and access to all the traditional REOPro services. In fact, you can even come on-line, challenge any service I open up to our members and I will do what I can to answer you challenges in as accurate, honest and transparent way as possible, with absolutely no hard feelings.

I thought that it said $29.99/month for 1 year. Did I misread?

$29.95 annual membership paid in full, upfront. Or, another way to look at it, $2.50 per month, paying 12 months in advance.

Hi Jessie we will be entering several properties in the Tampa Fl area into Buyer Direct this am.

We see where the comps go I,n where do we enter the subject property. Please provide your email address and phone #

Thank you Tony Marottoli

Hey Tony, the subject property address and your contact information is on the very first page. Are you telling me that you aren't seeing that information because, I can see it on my end. / 615-424-0961


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