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Well, it's at the point now that I need some help managing all the buyer leads we are getting. I haven't found a solution that will allow me to create a work flow, assign a lead and track that leads progress....any idea?

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Assigning the lead and caturing the contact information is is the tracking the lead progress that is the hard part.  It is a lot of work and so many variables...our team does not use a online tracking system because of how complicated it can become.  I basically recommend a great "campaign" system in addition to an Auto MLS and putting the right person in charge of it.     


Ok I did not help.


Keep us posted I would like to know a better way.




Growth is difficult. 

Denise, You are sooooo funny.


OH....I may have a system.....I just may have one. I have been using it now for 3 weeks and I am slowly falling in love with it. I have a few issues but, it's a canned system....out of the box sort of thing and it's fairly inexpensive so........I am going to keep tyring it for a couple more weeks before I tell everyone what it is.....building the suspense.



This should be good.  Hope this "system" can be accessed from anywhere...cell/desktop/tablet...without a "sync" task first.  Wondering how many users can utilize this system as well.  Ok.  Keep us hanging.   

I found a system I like but, before I recommend it, I am going to give it a test run for the next month or so. I will keep you posted.
Jesse, currently we are using Lead Mailbox for lead tracking & ListingBook for our Buyer/Prospects to be interactively tracked by the assigned agents.  We've taken our learnings from these systems & have developed our own full CRM, which we are looking to roll out to the Agents within our firm for 2012 and include as a service/benefit for them in their Technology Fee.  We are currently averaging about 26 leads per day, which is translating to a 3.25 closing per agent, per month, which equates to about a 6.4% total conversion rate.  Our goal w/our new CRM is going to be very lofty, but we are aiming to convert at a 10% rate.
Wow....I might need to learn more about this system of your Ira. Send me an email about it, if you don't mind.
Will do, Jesse!
Ira, Please contact me about your Buyer Lead system. Thank you Denise (

Ok, everyone...I am one week into using a new system I found. I am going to give it at least 2 more weekes then I will write back and tell you what it is and how well it's worked for us.


If you use a system, let me know about it. I would love to see what everyone else is using.

Jesse, Please keep us posted I am going to reply to Ira and try it out. We have 10 agents (6 working buyers) on our team. This will be fun. Also converting systems to all sync...crazy fun. Denise

Ok, so....drum roll please...............the system I am using, that I really do like is


Now, it's not made for "real estate" however, it is made for lead management so, it realy works for our team and our buyer leads. I have been using for almost a month now and it's really, really good. Granted, we may not run our office like you run yours but, offers a free 30 day trial......with NO credit card.........YEAH!


So, we are still in our 30 day trial and I am seriously thinking of keeping it. Why don't you go online, check em out and let's compare notes....maybe you have something better?


I just started trying top producer, and I regret not signing up sooner. It has all the tools needed, and my favorite part is the prescripted lead follow up whether they are buying in 2 months or just sold. So if they close today, I have a drip system in place for the next 10 years.

The other good thing is that it is integrated with and diverse solutions idx.

Best of luck!


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