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Does anyone have suggestions on how to get in touch with their REO department to apply as a listing broker and/or what platform they use?  I am located in Boise, Idaho and I have started to see their name during the past year as the sellers of REO residential properties.  Thanks for your assistance.

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Hi Marce, Caliber uses Equator as their REO platform.  I got in touch with them through a few of the asset managers that I knew from previous companies.

Lucie ...

Thank you very much for the information.  I may check LinkedIn to see if I recognize any asset managers I worked with as well.

I'm on my third Caliber REO in s short period of time- never had them as a client.  I think they may sometimes use their own asset managers but these three I have are through Green River Capital as their servicer, and as a GRC agent I got these assignments.

Karl ...

Thank you for the information.  I'm familiar with Green River name out of SLC, Utah.  

Hi Karl,

I have been trying to get on the GRC website. I have been approved, but now they say I have to install Silverlight again by uninstalling and re installing. Is this necessary? I also heard that only pay 1%, is that true? 


Hi Linda,

Try completing via Internet Explorer. REO Connex does nto work in Chrome.

Pam Maglione

Pam's VAS

Thx. I will try that.

It worked. I didn't have to download it again. Thanks again.

Anytime ;)

The 1% listings were probably auction listings GRC handled for Chase- I had one or two of those.  These are 2% listing commission listings I am getting- on my third one in two months.  The only thing I don't like is they seem to question every single reimbursement and it's frustrating.  They require their agents to handle all utilities outside of closing then question the final bills- we've many small utility companies in our market that can't supply a billing history back to zero due to their software.  Fortunately I've worked through 100% of the issues with the asset manager assigned to the file.  The GRC website utilizes Silverlight so yes you'll need to install it.

Thank you for the information. Good to know. Much appreciated!


Hi Lucie, I am trying to get on calibers REO agent list. Do you have their vendor mgmt e-mail and phone # so I can get in touch with them? or any contact info. Thanks for your help


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