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Have any of you done work with this company, based out of Utah?  I received a call from them today saying they were going to assign me an REO.  I felt a little suspect about the assignment, so I searched the Utah Secretary of State business data base and didn't find this company listed.  Also, I looked at the foreclosure action on the property they wanted to assign and it barely had a Notice of Default recorded in January.  The last thing that made me very suspicious is an email I received from them that was sent using a gmail account.  The guy I spoke with on the phone said they use their proprietary REO platform the agent needs to pay to use.  The squares didn't all line up so I passed on the assignment.  Any of you have a similar experience?

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I received the same call, passed.  Seems odd they have that robust of a web-site and have asset managers cold calling agents and wanting to take a cc payment over the phone.

I just got an email and it seemed suspicious. They said they got my info from Ditech and as far as I know, Ive not done work with them before. Its like they were fishing for people.


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