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Does anyone have a contact number for the REO department for Capital One (aka Chevy Chase Bank)?  I cant get through the phone maze to make an offer on an REO.  I know its a long shot. Thanks.

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I have been looking for that information for some time. I even sent emails on Linked In. to other members of Capital One Asset Management and haven't received a response.

I you find out please let me know.


Sharon Roberts Team
Riverside County California
I would expect them to be like every other bank out there, you MUST go thru their listing agent. If it's not listed, it's not on the market and they will not talk to you until it is. Sorry, but this is probably not what you want to hear.
Oh, I was looking for the Capital One REO Department because I would like to apply as an REO Listing Agent. That is the number I am looking for.
From what I "hear" they are just putting their finishing touches on their REO department and will lilkely have something on their website pretty soon. Sorry for being so vague, but although from a credible source, I got vague info myself.


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