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Does anyone have a email copy of the Chase application?  If yes can you email it to   Thanks:)

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Chase doesnt have an application.  They work with a couple of handfuls of outsourcers.


Hello Pamela,


You can email Chase at and tell them you are interested in doing work for them. They will then email you with a phone number and a time to call them for an interview. Good luck!

Chase will take the interview and pass on your answers to their outsourcers but Chase doesnt have influence on who works with the outsourcers.  Just an FYI.....quite a few have already been through the process.


They have to have some influence on these outsourcers, otherwise they wouldn't waste time with the phone interviews.

Nope!  I just spoke to the REO Manager for my region and he basically said they collect information and refer it to the outsourcers.  The outsourcers make the final decision about which agents they want to use.

Do you know some of the questions that are asked in the phone interview??

Keyword = "refer". Chase has a "Relationship Manager" for a reason. A solid relationship will lead to a solid referral.


Thank you for that Ruben I just sent them a little note lets see how long I wait..........I have done over 500 BPO's for them in a year and a far as I see it only goes to certain agencies in New Jersey like a monolopy .........lots of us have been in business same amount of time..................Kathy

Here is the number to call for setting up an interview 877 584 3290.  They will arrange to call you back.  This portion of the REO department sends out your interview and information to their outsources for registration.  If the outsourcer has a need in your area, they will email or call with further instructions.  I would suggest signing up with their outsourcers on your own too, though.  Best wishes!

Chase outsourcers: 

Precision AM
Green River Capital
 LPS (same as LSI)
REO World
Atlas REO
Nationwide REO (NREOB)
New Vista REO
Corelogic (Farvv) 
Service Link


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