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I received 4 emails from 4 different CHASE outsourcers in the past 5 days, see one below


Please be advised, SERVICELINK is REO Management Outsourcer for Chase Bank.  Chase has provided your name and contact information to SERVICELINK for consideration of being added to their REO Agent Network.


I spoke to one of the vendor managers, they said Chase wants more REO agents because they will only assign asset (REO's) to agents in a five mile radius from your office address. Has anybody else received these emails.

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I had a phone interview with Chase back in late August. The person asking me the questions hinted toward this, but, as of yet, I have not heard anything further.
Who are Chase's outsourcers?
SERVICELINK had this on the bottom of their website: * REO Asset Management & Disposition: ServiceLink is no longer accepting new applications for our REO Agent Network.
REO World
Service link
NRT REO Experts (Coldwell Banker)

I first applied with Chase back in June, did the phone interview. I also applied directly to all there outsource companies (back in June) who would accept applications. I received invitations this month from the outsourcers thru Chase to be (consideration) part of there REO broker network. I assume is thru invitation only? I can sure use the business. Good Luck!!
Thanks. I've been trying to get connected with these outsourcers for years.
Do you remember what they asked during the interview
Questions on REO experience, how long, CFK, BPO, how many reo sales etc.
They also asked how many listings the past 12 months, the average DOM, how long I've lived in my area, and what real estate organizations I'm a member of.
Thank you

I got two different calls last week from outsourcers saying I was referred to them by Chase and they asked me to go to their site and fill out their applications. ATLAS REO and New Vista. NV already got back to me that they do not need anyone in my area...still waiting on ATLAS. It's encouraging to see some activity picking up! Anyone else have any movement?

I got 4 referrals last week.  I'm highly encouraged.
My partner is at the Asian REO meeting in vegas and one of the meetings she was just at said chase was moving to the 5 mile radius from office for assignments. I just signed up with them so we shall see what happens.


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